{Master Bedroom}: Currently

Since moving into our home four and a half years ago, there are two rooms that have seriously been neglected. Strangely enough, they are our two most used rooms. One being our master bedroom, the other being the living room. That being said, my first big house project of 2015 is to renovate our master bedroom. Over the next few weeks, I hope you'll follow along with me as I share a little about this project with you all. I plan to share my inspiration, my decisions for bedding, paint colors, art work, etc. And of course, last but not least, the full room reveal.

But before I can start with all of that, I want to show you the space I'm working with. Here's our room as it currently sits (minus the carpet... these were taken before our hardwoods were installed). 

Please offer any feedback  that you would like to share. I'm welcome to all ideas :P

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  1. It's a pretty room, and your options are endless! Now to just narrow down ideas. I love the look of big picture canvases above a bed like yours. It breaks up blank wall space and adds visual interest. Maybe 2-3 of your all time fave pics? Of just you and Kevin, or Harper too!


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