Pray or Worry, Don't do Both

A few weeks ago I read something that has stuck with me over the last couple of weeks. It said,  "You can either worry or pray, but you can't do both. We either truly believe in what God is capable of doing or we don’t. There should be no in between."

So often I'm guilty of praying for something, but yet I still find myself worrying and fretting over the situation. I don't doubt God and the plans He has for me. I know He has my best interests at heart whether I always fully recognize it or not. I refuse to let worry creep in on a situation I know God is in full control of.  This year, I'm determined to only pray; to not fall victim of doing both. So will you worry or pray this year? Just remember... you can't do both. 


  1. Amen girlfriend! In the words of Joyce Meyer, "Worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have"

  2. LOVE this so very much! I am a champion worrier, and often have to remind myself that it doesn't speak much of my own faith if I can't trust in God to provide and care for me. After all, how can I possibly be an example for someone else, if I can't rely on God myself? I definitely let troubles get the best of me sometimes, and need a reminder now and then. Thank you again for this, sweet friend!

  3. Love this! I think it all comes down to Fear vs. Faith.
    You can't have both at the same time.
    And its definitely a lesson I needed to learn.

    I wrote a post about overcome fear if you're interested in reading it.


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