A Three Day Weekend

Well I'm back after a three day weekend.  Last week I busted my booty to get our house in tip top shape so I could truly enjoy my weekend. And enjoy I did. It was absolutely glorious to sit around and have no pressing to-do's. I spent the weekend cuddled up with Harper, doing a little shopping here and there, working on our master bedroom redo project, and even sat down to watch a few Hallmark movies that I dvr'ed forever ago. Might I even add that I actually sat down and read an entire book in just one day! I know.. I'm as stunned as you are. I was beginning to think it was impossible for us mamas to sit down and enjoy a book these days. 

I'd like to say I took a bunch of pictures from our weekend but I didn't. The only photos added to my camera roll this weekend were of tablescapes at Pier One, pictures from my furniture shopping adventures, and pictures of paint samples (more of that to come) and I doubt you're very interested in those. But I did manage to snap this one cute photo of the cutest little girl ever just hanging out in her car seat with her bag of cereal waiting on her Papa to come rescue us from our garage. Yes, I said that right. Our garage. You see Saturday morning I loaded the car up to head out and grab breakfast with the hubby as he worked his 20 something day in a row, only to realize my car wouldn't crank. So I called my daddy to come rescue us since obviously Kevin couldn't. By the time Dad arrived, kicked my car off, it was too late to go visit the hubs so instead we headed to my parents' house where we hung out with them for the rest of morning. But we enjoyed that visit just as much as we would have visiting with the hubs so it all worked out. 

Hope your weekends were just as low key! Check back tomorrow for inspiration for our bedroom redo! 

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  1. Glad your dad was able to come help you out since hubby wasn't able to! I know how that feels - I have gotten pretty self-sufficient since B started working such a demanding schedule, and definitely have back-ups to call in when I need them and know that he can't be of help! Loving the house updates you've posted on IG so far and can't wait to see the rest!!! You're inspiring me to want to redo my master bedroom, but unfortunately, Caleb's big boy room and Vivian's nursery have to come first:)


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