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What do you give people who have everything? It's the question I ponder every Christmas. But this year, the decision was super easy. One day this past fall I was sitting at my in-laws' house looking at the pictures placed around their living room and I noticed one thing all the pictures had in common... none of them were recent besides the pictures of Harper. All of the photos came from Kevin's childhood or our wedding. So immediately an idea popped into my mind. What if we did family photos and kept them a surprise until Christmas? I ran the idea by my brother in law and his girlfriend and they loved it. Then I thought, why not do the same thing for my own parents? The last family photos we had taken together was in April of 2011, before Kevin and I were even married. So I sent my sister an email explaining my idea and she too thought it was a great idea. And so, at the beginning of November, after our usual Sunday lunch at my parents' house, we all met up with Amanda of Lulu Photography in downtown Madison to snap a few photos. All I can say is.. it was a day! Factor in a cold, tired baby as well as four guys that hate their picture being taken, and our photographer had her hands full but the pictures turned out amazing! When my parents opened up their album on Christmas morning, the frigid temperatures, crying, and complaining were all worth it (:

Check back next week for photos from our session for Kevin's parents. 

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