Christmas 2014

Happy New Year, friends! As I mentioned Friday, I took a little break from this little blog over the last two weeks as I took the time to mark off some to-dos, spend time with my little family, and celebrate the Christmas and The New Year's holiday. Over the weekend I took the time to catch up on each and every one of your blogs. From the looks of it, each of you had a wonderful Christmas and it appears your New Year's are off to a good start as well.

Since I've been absent I haven't had the opportunity to share our Christmas with you ladies. I'd love to write all about it but considering that we made six stops over a week long period, I'll just let the picture do most of the talking and just add a few side notes here and there. So get ready for quite possibly the longest post in the history of ever :P

Kevin's Work Christmas Party

Christmas with Kevin's Papa
All Harper wanted to do was play basketball. Totally my girl after all (;

Christmas Eve Lunch at McDonalds
Six years ago we started a tradition of going to the gym on Christmas Eve and hitting up McDonalds after. It was a tradition we never intended to start that just sort of happened. Six years later and it's one of my favorite things to do!

Christmas Morning

Christmas Breakfast at Nana & Papa's
Papa showing Harper how to operate her new vacuum cleaner.

It's safe to say she likes it.  

Flying with Uncle Andrew. 

Present time!

Auntie showing Harper how to open presents.

"Wow! This thing is as big as me!!"

"I think I'm getting the hang of this!"

"I think I'll just ride in my doll's wagon..."

Christmas Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's
"Yayyyyy, more presents!"

Christmas with Kevin's Memaw
Fun times with Griffin... future hubby? 

Cousin time! 

More presents! Whoop whoop!

Harper and cousin Chasen reading the children's Bible. Be still my heart!

Well ladies, if you're still with me, you should probably get a medal. I know that was a long post but as you can tell it was a good one. I promise to keep my posts shorter in the future (;  So be sure to pop back in tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you guys (and especially Harper!) had a great holiday:) Loving all the pictures. As a side note, I just picked up that sweet little red reindeer top that Harper is wearing on Christmas Eve at Belk for Vivi for next Christmas. Great minds think alike:)

  2. i love everything about this post! family is the best!

  3. That picture of Harper and Zaylen is too cute!! Could you forward that to me sometime when you have a chance? I would love to have a copy!

  4. It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas and Harper looked so adorable on christmas morning!!


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