Resolutions for 2015

As I shared yesterday, this past year was the first year I really stuck to my New Year's resolutions. In looking back at each of them, I can tell why I was successful and why in previous years I haven't been. It's really quite simple. Each resolution had three things in common. They had some meaning to me; they were specific and not vague; and when I made them I already had came up with some sort of solution to help me try to accomplish them. So this year, as I set out to write my new goals, I kept these three factors in mind and came up with the following three resolutions. 

Resolutions for 2015
Be Present
If you ask me what I value most in life, it won't be my car, my house, or even my health. Every time, hands down, it'll be my family. Those guys and gals mean the most to me. Be it my parents, my husband, my daughter, or even my third cousins. Nothing can compare to my family. But yet, if you saw me with them, I question, would you see how much I value them? So often when we're together I find myself on my phone or on the computer. I don't find myself truly investing as much time into them as I would like. The sad thing is, I don't often realize it until the day's over and I'm in my bed. I think about the time I lost. Was facebook and instagram really that important? The answer is always no. So this year, I plan to leave it behind whenever possible. My goal is to only check my social media accounts when I'm alone or have a free moment to myself. I'm going to do my best to keep it in my purse at dinner; in the car when I'm at my in-laws, and on silent upstairs in my bedroom when the hubs and daughter are at home. So ladies, you may see a little less of me, but my family will get to see a little bit more. And let's just be real, as much as I love you all, I love them more. 

Clean Out, Weed Out, & Organize
We've lived in our home four and a half years now and we still have boxes in our garage and outbuildings that we've never unpacked. I'm not even lying. Needless to say, it's more than likely stuff that's just taking up space that we don't need. So my goal this year is to tackle those boxes, weed out what we don't want, and organize what we do. Not only do I need to do this with our unpacked boxes in the garage but as well as to every space inside our home. We have so many things tucked away in our closets that we have no use for. So often I find myself looking at things I haven't used in four and a half years and think, we may need that one day or I never used that so I could hold onto it and just regift it. And yet, four years later, those things are still sitting there. Never used, never regifted. So this year they are going. I'm determined to rid our house of everything we don't use, don't need, or don't want. My goal is to tackle one room at a time until all that's left is what we need and want in a neat and organized manner. It's going to be one big job, but picturing the end result and how much less clutter and stress I'll have from it makes me oh so happy!

Home Projects
Since moving into our home four and a half years ago, there have been two rooms in our home that have been seriously neglected. Funny thing is, it's the two most commonly used rooms in our home. One being our bedroom, the other being our living room. So this year we decided it was well past time to do something about it. So throughout the year, you're going to see these two rooms get a major facelift! I've already started pinning away on Pinterest and have even started a few mood boards for both spaces. I plan to do a series with both spaces much like I did with Harper's playroom where I'll share my pinterest inspiration, my design thoughts, and then a full room reveal. And don't you worry ladies, I can guarantee you already that I'm going to need your input. So be ready!

That's all I've got ladies. Out of the million things I could choose to work on, these are my three biggest goals. After all, two of them are way past due and it's a fine time I get them accomplished for my own sanity  (; What's on your resolution list for this year?!


  1. I love your resolutions! I need to work on being more present as well. It's hard with so much technology surrounding us all of the time.

  2. Confession - it has been a while since I have visited your blog but I'm catching up now and I LOVE this post! I need to take your lead on the first one and be more present .. can't wait to see all the home projects!!


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