A Shattered Dream

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of having two vehicles in my lifetime: a Corvette and a BMW X5. Despite my measly teacher salary, I have always said that I would just save and save until I could have both. But lucky for me, I married an amazing guy that has the same taste I do and he already had a Corvette when we met (he has a Mustang too but don't get me started on a FORD!).

When we first got engaged I told Kevin my intention was to still buy a Corvette of my own one day but as my dad pointed out... that would be a very unwise decision. The fact is if I had a Corvette of my own, I would not drive it anymore than we drive Kevin's because the point is they are just for fun. They are most definitely not an everyday car. Plus, in the time span we would be paying it off, we'd hopefully have a baby on the way and then we would need another vehicle and trying to swing several car payments with a baby is not a wise choice. Due to this fact, I gave up the notion of having my own and Kevin and I decided we'd share his Corvette. But to compromise, we decided the next vehicle we purchased would be my BMW X5.

So when I got a "grown up" job back in July, Kevin and I made the decision to buy a new vehicle by the end of the year. Over the past four months we have been able to save up extra money, so Kevin decided we would get my BMW X5 for my Christmas present! Since he told me that in November I have been walking on Cloud Nine and have been so excited! However, that excitement quickly turned to disappointment tonight :(

When we first started looking at BMW's several people told us we did not want to get a BMW. They gave various reasons but in the end they all boiled down to the same thing... they cost a lot of money to maintain and they are expensive to fix. However, these two facts did not deter us from looking because the cost to maintain and fix a BMW is no more than what it costs to care for Kevin's Corvette. But then tonight I decided to do some research. As I read hundreds (literally!) of car reviews for the BMW X5's, I found more negatives than positives. It seemed that everyone had at least one complaint (even the people who gave it a 4 out of 5!). Unfortunately, most of these complaints were no minor thing! All of them were major and extremely costly. Still thinking that it is easier to complain than to praise, I decided to ask my friends who owned BMW's about their experiences. Sadly, after speaking with five of my friends who own BMW's and hearing that they all wish they would have gotten something else, I told Kevin I felt like we should look for something else. With planning on starting a family in the next two years, the last thing we need is major car problems!

So now the car shopping begins all over again. We have spent the last three hours looking online at every SUV made and I can't make any decisions on what I like. It is hard to find something you like when you have had your mind made up all your life of what you want. All I can say is shattered dreams are hard to fix in an hour. Here's to hoping and praying I'll have a new dream soon!

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