House #1: "THE" House

So today I was rummaging through old pictures on my computer and I came across pictures of all the houses we had looked at last year when we were house hunting. Which by the way, was one of the best times Kevin and I have ever had in our relationship! We had so much fun searching for our "perfect" home. I figured I'd share the houses we looked at and share the pics of the one we now call home!

Here's the first home we ever found! When this house was first built in the mid 2000's, I fell in love with it. Every time we passed it on the way to the lake, I always admired it! I loved its spacious front yard and cute front porch. So when the house was listed on the market at the time we began our housing search, I told Kevin we HAD to go look at it. So we did...3 times!

This was our DREAM home. It had everything you could ever want: 3500 square feet,  four bedrooms with all walk-in-closets, 2 and a half baths, a family room, an office, a two car garage, a separate 4 car garage with a bonus room above, screened in back porch... I mean what else would you need!

We ended up making several offers on this house but at the last minute (Literally! We had like 20 minutes to decide), we decided to withdraw our offer and continue our house hunting. We decided this was the kind of house we wanted to spend the second part of our lives in (you know...the one with kids) so we wanted to start with something smaller for just the two of us... plus, we knew if we bought this house we would never move and we both wanted our final house to have sandstone brick. So we knew that in the end, we should keep looking.

Here is "THE" home though:

See how gorgeous this house was... Can you see why we'd want it? Some days I wish we would have went on and bought this house... especially for the huge walk in closet that was in the master bedroom.. It was massive!!!! It was an entire room!!!! I could have made it a nursery if I had wanted... Needless to say, thats my kind of heaven! But in the end, I am happy where we are and I know in the future, we'll have our dream home with all of the same amenities!

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