Media Free Wednesday

Last Sunday, Kevin and I were eating dinner at Applebee's in Danville. After the waitress had sat us at our table and taken our order, I instinctively did what I always do.  I immediately took out my cell phone and started flipping through all of my bookmarks on my phone. I checked my facebook; caught up on the news at fox8 and digtriad; read the new posts on Suri's Burn Book; and checked out my twitter account. As I was flipping through some webpages, I was shocked to have my phone yanked out of my hand. When I looked up, I saw Kevin giving me that stern look. I was busted! I knew I should be spending time with my husband and talking with him, but somehow in this technologically advanced world, I've become addicted and started ignoring one of my top priorities!!!

For the rest of dinner, Kevin refused to give me my phone back. So the entire dinner we sat and talked. And you know what? It was nice. It is sad to say that I could not remember the last time I sat at a meal with my husband and just talked with no interruptions. So on the way home, Kevin and I came up with a brilliant idea. Kevin wanted us to be able to go to dinner with no distractions. He wanted us to be able to sit and enjoy a conversation with no interruptions with phone calls or text messages. I felt like if I was giving up something, he had to as well. So I agreed to give up my distractions if he would give up his. That meant that once a week, while we were at home, he had to give up his television and his video games. So in turn, we created Media Free Wednesdays. We agreed that by the middle of our weeks, we are both stressed out and need a break and some time for just each other so a mid-week date was the perfect answer.

So beginning this week, our Wednesdays are going to be media free as soon as the two of us get home. The cell phones will be left on silent and the tv will remain off unless we are going to watch a movie together. All in all, I am very excited! We did however make one amendment to our contract and that is that before we go to bed on Wednesday night, we are allowed to check our phones in case we have a missed call from a parent or work!

Anyways, I'll let you know how this goes!

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