Weekend Get-a-Way in the Mountains!

When Kevin and I came home from our honeymoon in Tennessee, we told Kevin's family that we thought we should all take a trip to the mountains. The idea was a hit and we all aimed to take a trip in October. Fortunately, I was hired as a new-teacher in my county this year; but unfortunately, that meant I had no vacation days available in October. As a new teacher, I did not want to take any annual leave days because planning for a sub is more trouble than it is worth so we decided to push the family vacation into the future.

Well, a few weeks ago, I just happened to be looking at our teacher workdays for the Spring Semester since we only had ONE this semester and I noticed that the County had scheduled a teacher workday for February 17th and February 20th! Boy was I excited! Four days off in a row... woot woot! I immediately sent Kevin a messaged and asked if he wanted to take a vacation. He was game so I started looking at a few hot spots that we could go to and get away for a weekend getaway. Then I thought, hey! that would be the perfect time for us all to take a trip! So I sent all of Kevin's family an email and asked if they'd be up for the idea and if they could get off. And what do you know... it worked perfectly for all 8 of us!

So after spending 4 days hunting for the perfect cabin, I finally found one! Here's the pictures from the website! I am STOKED!

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