Weekend Bargains!

This weekend, Brittni and I went to Danville to do some serious Christmas shopping. However, it seems that the two of us bought more for ourselves than we did for everyone else! But the stores were having such amazing sales that I couldn't feel guilty about my purchases! They were such amazing deals that I figured I'd share what all I got (:

Back at the end of September, I bought a new Calvin Klein jacket. I had been in need of a new black wool coat and when I saw the Calvin Klein one with the purple quilted lining, I knew that was the one for me. However, about two weeks later, while at Belk, I saw the new oatmeal colored Calvin Klein peacoat. I was so disappointed that I had not seen it sooner. So I told Kevin that that jacket was at the top of my Christmas list! It was pretty much the only thing on my Christmas list considering it cost $240. But this past Saturday, Mom called me and told me they were running a Pre-Thanksgiving Sale at Belks and the jackets were $89.99. I was so excited that I jumped out of bed and went to Belk in my jammies! hahaha I was even more excited when I got up to the register to pay and noticed a Belk giftcard in my wallet. I handed it to the lady at the register and asked her to see how much money was on it. I was ecstatic when she told me that I had $90! So I got my Calvin Klein coat that was originally $240 for $5!!!! Here it is!!! Isn't it gorgeous!

I also picked up another pair of Jessica Simpson's "Lilliana" flats! I bought the black pair a few weeks ago when they were on sale for $39.99 and I fell in love with them. They are so comfortable and considering that I stand on my feet all day... comfort is what I need. So when I saw they were marked down to $29.99 this week and the sales flyer had a $10 off coupon if you spent $30 or more... I couldn't turn the brown pair down!
When we went to Marshalls, I picked up this gray leather jacket! I've been hunting for a leather jacket for a while and when I got to Marshalls, I found two that I loved but after getting Brittni & Kevin's opinion, I settled on this gray one since I would probably wear it more than the cognac colored one I originally picked up!

I found these cute pumps at Cato's for $10! They're gonna match perfectly with my Christmas outfit!

And since suede moccasins have made a come-back, I picked up these cuties at Shoe Show for $10!

I can't wait to wear all of my goodies!

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