Media Free Wednesday

I posted earlier this month about mine and Kevin's decision to have a weekly, mid-week date night that was distraction free. The two of us both agreed that each Wednesday when we walk in the door, the phones go on silent and the tv stays off. Wednesdays are a time for us!

I wasn't sure how it would go and if we would be able to accomplish our task but overall we have! The last three weeks we have spent each Wednesday night having a distraction free date night. As soon we are both home, we put all of our distractions away and focus on what is most important... each other.

Yesterday was our third mid-week date night. Tuesday night I had to stay at school late for Reading Night so I had the opportunity to leave school early yesterday. Kevin just happened to be off so I was determined to get all of my work done so that when my students walked out the door, I could go with them. And thank goodness that determination paid off! As soon as the clock struck 2:30, I was hightailing out of my classroom!

As soon as I got home, Kevin and I headed to Greensboro. We went and saw Jack & Jill... a movie I had been dying to see but was sorely disappointed after watching :( But on the bright side, Kevin and I got the theater all to ourselves and had a great time laughing and carrying on about the movie. Following the movie, we went to the mall and shopped for Kevin.... one of my absolute favorite things to do! I don't know what it is, but I love dressing him up (: Then we went and had dinner at one of our favorites... Olive Garden! I ate so much I could have walked home and still felt stuffed!

All-in-all, it was an amazing night and I have to say, if you don't have a distraction free night, you should seriously try it! It can do a relationship wonders (:

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