The Perfect Saturday

Today was most definitely one of the best Saturdays of my life. So what did I do you ask?

Well, the hubby and I started the day off by having a delicious, mouth-watering breakfast at Chaneys. Following breakfast, we decided to head to Eden so Kevin could return a movie and I could run by Belks to finish up my Christmas shopping. Because we decided to allow Rimy to ride, Kevin left me at Belks while he ran to Family Video.

After Kevin picked me back up we decided to swing by his parent's house so Rimy could see his grandparents. We only planned to stay a minute, but as always, a minute turned into an hour and we were still there. As we were finally getting ready to leave, Kevin's mom mentioned finding a family video of Kevin when he was a kid hitting his uncle in the (you fill it in). Since that was one of Kevin's favorite memories from his childhood (boys!), he told me he wanted me to see it real quick before we left. So we all piled up in Kevin's old bedroom and watched the ancient tape on the VCR. To Kevin's credit, the video was truly as funny as he remembered the situation to be (though I'm sure uncle Kenny would disagree at the time). After the clip finished more funny videos emerged and we sat for an hour viewing videos of Kevin's childhood. (I must say... seeing all the videos of Kevin as an infant and toddler makes me super excited to see what our children will turn out like!)

On the way home from the in-laws Kevin and I discussed what to do about our Christmas tree. For the last three weeks, our 7- foot tall Christmas tree has remained in our garage waiting to be unboxed. Yet, every time we would say we were going to put it up, we would start talking about our mixed feelings regarding it's presence. I wanted to put up a large Christmas tree this year but the fact of the matter is I'll be the one taking it down since Kevin has to go back to work right after Christmas and to be honest, I really didn't want to have to do it alone.( Taking down Christmas decorations has always been so depressing to me) Yet, I would rather take it down single-handedly than not put one up at all... especially for our first MARRIED Christmas. But thankfully, we came up with a great solution... purchase a smaller tree that would be easy to dismantle. So after dropping Rimy off at the house, the two of us headed to Walmart to buy a 4-foot tall tree and then to Lowes to purchase new ornaments since we decided to go with a Red, White, and Silver tree this year (Go Wolfpack!!!).

Upon arriving at home with all of our goodies, Kevin and I decorated our tree!I felt like the tree needed something else  so I decided to go on and wrap all of the Christmas presents we had purchased. After adding the colorful packages underneath the tree, the scene was most definitely complete.

By that point, the two of us were starving so Kevin and I fixed dinner TOGETHER! Let me just say... it was fantastic! I did not know my husband could do a good job at cooking (probably because he rarely does it!). But he sure surprised me!

After dinner the two of us headed to the grocery store and stocked up on a week's worth of groceries. And now, I'm sitting here on the computer and Kevin's playing his early Christmas present (Zelda!). But I'm getting super exhausted and my eyes are barely awake so I'm going to get off here, grab my hubby, and cuddle until we fall asleep.

So goodnight Blogger world and I'll catch up with you guys later this week!!(:

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