Best Friend Reunion

Last night was one of my lifelong best friends' birthday. As has been the tradition for the last 17 years that I have known Kristy, we had to celebrate the occasion! So as soon as I got off work yesterday I rushed home, got ready, and headed to McLeansville.

This year we ended up having dinner at Kristy's. After dinner we danced; no party at Kristy's is complete without breaking it down! Then Kristy opened her presents (a girl is NEVER to old for presents on her birthday!) and we had ice cream cake after!!! It was delicious!!! I can't remember a single birthday party she has had where an ice cream cake was not served. I mean seriously, I can remember all the years she had boy bands on the cakes and we all argued over who got which guys face!!! Can you tell we grew up in the 90's?. By the time we'd all stuffed our face we decided to go upstairs to their home theater and watch The Hangover 2. I have to admit the movie is hilarious but I unfortunately did not make it through watching the whole movie. But hey! I have an adult job and go to bed at 9pm these days so trying to stay up till midnight is rough on this body and mind.

After all the party guests departed, Olivia (my other lifelong best friend) and I decided to spend the night with Kristy. I figure I may be married but a girl still needs a sleepover with her best friends and thankfully my amazing husband is cool with that. Anyways, apparently I got a second wind after falling asleep during the movie, so Olivia and I stayed up till 2:30am catching up on our fairy tale romances! I was so happy to hear all about her and Richy's romance. I just love him and his English accent but most importantly I love how he is so good to my best friend and he makes her so happy! I went to bed with joy in my heart for the two of them and  I may or may not have also dreamed about wedding bells for them in the future :P

We all woke up this morning to the smell of grits, toast, scrambled eggs, and fresh fried sausage. Yes, it was a heart attack waiting to happen; but yes, it was sooooo worth it. Kristy's mom was so sweet to fix us breakfast just like she did in the old days. 

I hated to leave my best friends this morning but I was anxious to get home to my hubby and I could not wait to get the photos from last night on here! Enjoy!!!

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