Christmas Presents from the Family

As we've gotten older, my parents and siblings have decided to spend a small amount of money on each other at Christmas and give the rest of the money we previously spent on each other to a certain charity organization or someone who has a need for it. We feel like we have been blessed with more than enough so we like to give money to people who have not been as fortunate as we have been. Despite our new Christmas tradition, I still feel like I wracked up!

Mom and Dad gave me...
a new purple/white/gray scarf!!! (have I mentioned you can't have too many scarfs?!)

A pair of shoes that I ended up exchanging for my new boots!

 It's a tradition... Each Christmas we always get new pajamas for Christmas and this year I got doggy ones!!!

& Mom and Dad gave me $$$$ to use on the down payment on my Lexus!!!(:

My sister and her family gave me...
A new belted sweater vest! I am in love with it!!! It looks gray in the picture but its really a gorgeous dusty purple!

A cute ruched turtleneck to go with it!

& they gave me a $25 gift card to Olive Garden (my favorite!)

The In-Laws got me...
My new Buckhead Bettie laundry bag!!! It matches our closet!

As well as my new Buckhead Betty travel bag!!!! I can't wait to use it in February!

& they gave $$$ to me and Kevin to use for our vacation in February!!!

Reid & Phyllis...
I was SOOOOO excited to get these. They were the only two things left on my registry that I did not get when I got married. I was so beyond thrilled to have the rest of the collegiate collection!!! Can't wait to use them for the Duke vs. Carolina game!!!

Along with these gifts, many of my family members gave us money... which newlyweds can always use! haha But all in all, I was most definitely blessed with gifts that I did not deserve but I absolutely love.

What did you get for Christmas?!

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