I've Decided!

After I made the decision earlier this week to not get a BMW X5, my stomach has been in knots as I have looked at hundreds of vehicles online trying to find something I like just as much. Well, I am now stress free because I have officially decided! Kevin and I spent all afternoon cruising the car lots of Greensboro today. We rode by the Toyota, BMW, Acura, and Mercedes dealerships but after stopping at the Lexus dealership and seeing the new RX350... I was hooked. We both fell in love with a new RX350. It was starfire pearl with the parchment colored interior! After we both test drove it, it is without a doubt the top item on my Christmas list! It was the smoothest ride I have ever rode in in my entire life. It felt like you were floating on air and don't even get me started on how it drove; even Kevin said it drove ten times better than his Corvette.

We decided to hold off on buying it though until after next week. My cousin is a car dealer and is going to go to the Auto Auction and see if he can find a new one cheaper than what the Lexus dealership is asking. Hopefully he can but if not it's fine with me. Alot of great perks come with purchasing from the dealership! I love the fact that I can take my car to any Lexus dealership once a week and they will handwash my car and clean out the inside for FREE (though as Dad mentioned... for the price I'm paying for the car... I'm paying for that little service! :P). They also will come to Reidsville and pick up my car for me anytime I need it serviced and will give me a loaner until they can bring me mine back! Oh and they'll throw in free roadside assistance for four years!

Ahhhh! I'm just so freakin ecstatic! Looks like I know whats going to be under my Christmas tree (: I did ask the dealership if I bought the vehicle from them if I can have a big red bow for it like they do on the commercials (they really do have those on the cars in the showroom) and they said it wouldn't be a problem. So if I get one from there, you best be assured there will be a picture on here asap!

This isn't the actual car but its the same colors so you might as well say it is...

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