No More Messy Bags!

We all get them... They are given to us every time we purchase something at Walmart, the grocery store, or our favorite store. What are they you ask? Those infamous grocery bags!

If you're like me, you always save them because they come handy to carry your lunch in or to throw a few items in when you're on the go. However, when they aren't in use, they seem to just accumulate and take up alot of space. Not only does it take up alot of space, it's hard to make plastic bags look attractive! However, I solved that problem this afternoon! I found an easy way to make them look neat and attractive!!! 

Here's how!
1. Straighten the bag out.

2. Fold in half

3. Fold in half again.

4. Fold the handle down.

5.Make a triangle

 6. Make another triangle.

7. Repeat several times depending on bag size.

8. Take the end and fold it in half.

9. Tuck the end in the folded part of the triangle.

10. Voila!

See how neat it is!

I just spent the last ten minutes folding 30 bags! haha 

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