First Down

Based on the title of today's post you may be thinking this post is going to be about football. If you do, don't worry because despite that football season is in full swing that's not the first down I'm referring to. The first down I'm referring to is the first week of school that's behind me. It's been a long week to say the least and today's arrival couldn't make me happier. Getting back into a routine this year seems much harder than it was last year and back then I had a newborn. But let's be honest here, I'm starting to realize the newborn stage was the glory days. Life with a toddler is much harder... But equally rewarding if not more so!

On this particular Friday, can I just brag on my hubby ladies? He has been nothing short of ahhhhmazing this week as I have transitioned back into being a working mom after having been a stay at home mom for the last eight or so weeks. On Monday I came home from work to find that Kevin had done all of our laundry. I'm just going to be honest here and admit that that was no easy feat as we had three overflowing baskets of laundry that I'd been putting off for a few weeks now. As if that wasn't good enough,  for dinner Kevin ordered my favorite take out from Monterreys, a local Mexican joint that I am obsessed with and picked up God's Not Dead from Redbox since I've been dying to see it. After the babe was down for the count, Kev and I spent the remaining evening on the couch watching the movie. Might I add I even got a foot massage during the movie?! It was probably the best part of the evening considering my feet just weren't used to that much standing anymore! 

On Tuesday I came home with the intention of cooking dinner but one look and Kev knew I was exhausted. I was so excited and relieved when he offered for us to go grab something out for dinner. As per my request we grabbed some seafood and swung by and got some ice cream afterwards. On our way home Kevin surprised me with The Other Woman... another movie I had been hoping to see. So after we got Harper in bed we settled on the couch chowing down on ice cream and watching a movie! 

Unfortunately I can't say our week continued to go as well. Wednesday night I came down with what I guess was the flu or a virus. I had a fever, chills, & ached all over. By the time Kevin got home from a long day at work I was useless. Despite how exhausted he was from pulling a 12+ hour day he was so thoughtful enough to take over Harper duty. He made sure Harp was fed, got her ready for bed, & looked after me as well. And last night he did the same plus took care of our dinner since my appetite was back! 

Best husband award definitely goes to Kevin Holt. Sometimes in our hectic and crazy life I forget just how lucky I was to snatch this guy up. I'm definitely thankful for this crazy week because it was a great reminder for me to focus not on what the hubs doesn't do for us but on all the things he does do! Without a doubt the positives far outweigh the negative by a long shot. I couldn't imagine doing life with any other guy! 

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  1. awww so sweet for you husband! I love those times when you are reminded just how great they really are, especially after a rough period.


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