Weekend Recap

Hi Ladies! Sorry I've been a little M.I.A. over the last week or so. Last Tuesday I headed back to work after having been off for nearly eight weeks. I planned to blog but I didn't find myself with too many spare moments and those that I did have, I just wanted to spend being lazy on the couch...without a computer in front of me. Just keepin' it real friends. Getting back in a groove has been TOUGH! I haven't felt this exhausted since Harper was a newborn.

Despite that I headed back to work this past weekend, I considered this to be our last weekend of summer since my new students don't arrive until this morning at 7:40am. We had planned to do something big this weekend but it just didn't happen since Harper wasn't feeling great. Over the last couple of weeks Harper doodle just hasn't been herself. She's been running fevers off and on and will cry at the drop of a hat. It's totally unlike her. We've made several visits to the doctor and they just haven't been able to pinpoint what's going on. This week she'll undergo blood work to see what appears there. Prayers for us would be appreciated.

Since Harper wasn't up to anything grand we spent most of the weekend around the house. Friday after work I headed off to spend the evening with my parents while Kevin worked till 6 and got in a quick work out at the gym. When he was done, we all met him at a local diner for dinner. By the time we got home around 9 everyone in the Holt household was ready to call it a night and hit the sheets.

Saturday morning I woke up long before the hubs and Harper did so I took the opportunity to get some cleaning done because it's virtually impossible to do any cleaning with the hubs and Harper moving around. You mamas know what I'm talking about? Fortunately I was able to get the whole first floor cleaned and straightened up before my two babies got to waking up. By 9:30 I could hear them stirring so I headed back upstairs to grab Harper up and put her in bed with Kevin. We spent the rest of the morning in bed watching tv and having a mini-photo shoot. Around noon Kevin rode out and grabbed us some lunch. By the time we'd ate and cleared the table, it was Harper's nap time. Since it was raining outside, we took the opportunity to join her and take a nap as well. Three hours later and we were still in bed! You could definitely classify us as lazy human beings that day.

Finally around 7:30 we got our butts in gear and headed to Brooke and Bryan's (Kevin's brother and his girlfriend) for a pizza and game night with some of our friends. We had such a great time laughing and carrying on. We broke out Guesstures and it made for some great laughs. We got so into the game that we made it completely through the deck of cards. When we finished it was nearly 2:30 in the morning! I couldn't believe we were still awake at that point. Kevin and I hadn't pulled late nights like that since I was in college! We've really become such old souls!

Despite not getting in bed till shortly after 3:30 in the morning, I woke up bright and early at 7am Sunday with the intention of going to church. However when Harper woke up I could see my plans were going to change. She woke up fussy and had a fever. So instead of spending our morning in church we spent it cuddling our baby girl on the couch. Around noon her fever broke so we headed to my parents' house for our usual lunch. Thankfully Harper made it through that and even got some applesauce and goldfish down. But by the time our plates were cleaned her fever was back and she was back to being fussy and wanting to nap. So we spent the remainder of our Sunday with her with the exception of a quick trip to the grocery store while we left Harper with her grandparents.

It definitely wasn't the weekend we were hoping for but I'll take it. One of these days I know I won't be able to hold and cuddle Harper anymore and just the thought of that makes my heart break. So in the meantime I'll cherish these opportunities as much as I can get them despite what brings them on.

Hope your weekend was a bit more fun!

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  1. Hope little miss Harper is feeling better! It's not fun when the little ones aren't feeling good:( She looks so big in the pictures. Goodness, where are our babies going??? Can't handle it!


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