Holt Beach Trip, 2014 {Part 1}

The week before last Kevin, Harper, and I headed to Myrtle Beach, SC to spend a week vacationing with Kevin's family. Every year, during the last week in July, Kevin's parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all head to the beach for a family vacation.  The Holt and Walker families are truly some of the funniest people you will ever meet and when you get them all together you're sure to have a lot of belly laughs so it's definitely a vacation that we really look forward too.

In the past we've all stayed together in the same condo but as our families have expanded with new marriages and new babies over the last few years we've had to separate into two different condos. Kevin and I split a condo with his grandparents, parents, brother and girlfriend, and one set of his cousins. Kevin's uncle Kenny stays with his wife, children, and stepchildren with their families at another condo just walking distance from ours. Despite that we stay at different locations, we still hang out by the beach and pool together and meet up some in the evenings for dinner and outings.

Although this was not Harper's first beach trip, we were really excited about our trip this year. Last year Harper was only three months old at the time and wasn't able to do much. Now that she's mobile and into everything she's capable of doing so much more. We were so anxious to see how she would react to the sandy beach and the ocean, as well as the pool and lazy river. We had high hopes considering how much she loves the lake! However, her excitement didn't nearly match our own and we spent most of our time by the pool but that was okay with this little mama. Whatever makes our babies happy, right?

Now off I go. I'll let most of the pictures do the rest of the talkin' (; I promise not to overwhelm you so check back tomorrow for part 2 of our trip!


A little breakfast for Harp before hitting the road. She was clearly excited (;

Our car definitely isn't as packed as it was the year before!

An hour in and this girl was out!

A few road trip selfies!

Grocery store trip... this was only part of the load. The other half was in the in-laws car!

We started the day off on the porch watching the ocean waves.

Hung out in Memaw's room. 

Spent the day in the lazy river.

It sure took it out of a girl!

For dinner we headed to Key West Grille at Broadway.

Took photos with pirates. 

After dinner we did a little strolling around at Broadway and Harper got to try her first Starbucks drink. 

Harper started off the day blowing kisses. Be still my heart. 

Then hung with Daddy in the pool while Mommy laid out. 

Selfie before dinner.. only because I loved my outfit. haha

For dinner we headed to our favorite Japanese place, Nakatos. Harper loved the noodles as much as we did!

And like any normal people, we made a Target run after with Brooke and Bryan (; Only Harp was out. 

While the guys went to play putt putt Tuesday morning, Harper and I spent the day in blowing the biggest bubbles you've ever seen thanks to a $1 bubble wand from Walmart. Best dollar ever spent!

For lunch/dinner Kevin's grandma and mom fixed the best southern meal ever!

Tuesday night we did some shopping at the local outlets and picked up a late night snack from Steak & Shake but I totally forgot to take pictures. Fail. 

Anyways that's it for today. Check back tomorrow for part 2 of our trip! :P

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