{Weekend Recap}: A Rainy Weekend

This weekend was a wet one. It's been raining off and on in our hometown for the last five days and it doesn't appear that the end is anywhere in sight. Needless to say, we've been hanging around the house for the most part. Despite the dreary weather though it's gotten me craving fall more and more. The cooler weather, the darker skies, being able to bust out my jeans and long sleeves, being able to curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate and a blanket, candles burning in the background... oh yeah, this is the life. Who doesn't love fall weather?! I truly wouldn't complain if it stayed this way from now until November. Who needs summer?! I sure don't or at least, not anymore. Whose with me?

Our weekend was pretty low-key. Kevin was off all weekend but he wasn't quite himself. Last Wednesday he was diagnosed with strep throat. Sadly he'd had it for almost a week so by the time it was diagnosed he was in terrible pain and spent the remainder of the week in bed. After taking Harper to daycare Friday morning I came back home and laid around with him to keep him company... only because he'd had an antibiotic for 24 hours so he was no longer contagious. Around 3, Kevin was feeling much better and requested we ride out for the evening so we got our butts in gear and got ready. While Kevin shaved and showered, I made a quick run to Belks to hit up their back-to-school sale. I walked away with three shirts, a pair of pants, and a whole summer wardrobe for Harper for next summer for $75! It was bargain shopping at it's finest ladies. I'll be sharing some of my finds on Thursday!

By the time I got back home Kevin was ready to go so we headed over to his parents' house where Harper had spent the afternoon. Her grandma couldn't take her being at daycare so she picked her up around 1. We hung around their house for an hour or so for Harp to nap then we headed to Danville to meet my sister and her family for dinner at the Hibachi Grill and Buffet. It was our first time eating there and it was delicious. We'll definitely go back. When dinner was over we headed to Sam's Club to check on some Carter's outfits for Harper and a few back to school supplies for myself.

Saturday morning we all slept in thanks to the rainy weather. I don't know what it is about rain but we always sleep best with it. Around 10 we finally got up and moving. After getting ready, we headed to Farmer's Table to meet my parents for brunch. Harper devoured some grits, a biscuit, eggs, and fried potatoes... after she'd already ate a doughnut at home! How my child eats constantly and never gains weight is beyond me. I wish I was that fortunate. 

When breakfast was done, we headed to look at a house on the market with my parents. A few months back a house came available not far from our home. It caught my attention right away as it's a very old house. Call it the southern girl in me but I can just see myself living in a southern manor or plantation home. Unfortunately, it's the exact opposite of what the husband wants for our "forever" home. Despite knowing this, we decided to take a sneak peek at the house anyways since no one is currently living there. Big mistake ladies, I fell in love with it despite only peeping in it. I didn't even see the whole house and I already want it! Ugh! Here's a few pics of the house from the realty site...now if I can just talk the hubs into putting ours on the market :P

After viewing the house, I dropped Harper and the hubs off at the house and made a quick run to Goodwill to look for some books for my classroom. It was my lucky day. Another teacher had apparently dropped off part of her classroom library and I was able to get quite a few book series for my classroom that were in almost new condition. Even better my parents walked in as I was fixing to check out and they offered to pay for all the books for me which saved me $30 to spend elsewhere in my room. Woot woot!

The rest of our Saturday was spent lounging around at home. Harper and I crashed in the living room snacking on cheese doodles and watching Hallmark while the hubs went to see the new Ninja Turtles movie with his family. When he got home we headed out to grab some pizza with his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Harper loved it. After dinner we headed back to the house where my brother, Kevin's mom, and Brooke and Bryan all dropped by to visit. Despite that we had a living room full, we loved every minute of it.

Sunday morning we got up bright and early and headed to church in Thomasville with Kevin's brother and his girlfriend. Since Kevin's church is almost an hour from home we opted out of our usual Sunday lunch with my parents and grabbed some steaks at Texas Roadhouse wih Brooke and Bryan. It hit the spot! 

After lunch we headed to Target to get Harp some more bubbles (the kid goes through them like crazy!) then we headed home where we spent the rest of the evening in being lazy and watching Hallmark tv. It seems to be our current Sunday afternoon thing :P

Hope your weekend was just as exciting as ours ladies haha 


  1. Loving that old home - then again, our first home was an old home, so I guess I have a soft spot for them:) But that porch. Man. Perfect for some rocking chairs and sweet tea:) Glad you guys had a good weekend - and I am so with you. Ready for fall!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, that sounds like heaven! I wish we could get even just a couple good, rainy days!! And sleeping in until 10ish? Sign me up, ha ha!
    That home is beautiful!


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