I'm Back... Sort of

Well ladies, I'm sad to report that I'm back home now :( Unpacking our luggage was not nearly as fun as packing it. But on the bright side, we've been snuggling with our Rimy Roo who we missed greatly while we were away. As soon as Harper saw him when we arrived back home, she popped out her paci and shouted "ruff, ruff" over and over again while she chased Rimshot around the house. Clearly she was glad to be back home with her best friend.

I had plans to share a vacation recap with you ladies this week but I'm swamped with decorating my classroom. I met several of my teammates at school Monday morning to work on setting my room back up and redecorating it for the upcoming school year. I thought it would take about a day to complete but boy did I miss the mark. After working all day Monday and Tuesday, I still have another day or two to go before I get things back in their place and looking it's best so that's where you'll be finding me the rest of the week.

As soon as my room is done, I'll share the big reveal with you guys. Until then, here's a little sneak peek of a few of my bulletin boards!

Can you guess the theme? haha


  1. Love your theme! Perfect for back to school (and back to football, lol!) Seeing your room is getting me so excited for all things fall:) Good luck finishing up your room this week!

  2. I love the theme! I started back today and it is SO much work at the beginning!


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