{Weekend Bargains}: Recent Finds

One thing I pride myself in is being a bargain shopper. As a mom on a teacher's budget (keep in mind I work in one of the lowest paid teaching states) I just can't make myself pay full price for an item. Especially one in which I don't actually need. So what do I do? I hit up weekend sales and clearance racks. And ladies, you'll be surprised with what you will find. Over the last few weekends I've scored big on some items. Just check them out...

Bargain Shopping

Here's the run down of my bargain savings...

White Tee: $3.58 at Belk (Originally $11.97 at Belk)
Black T-shirt: $3.58 at Belk (Originally $11.97 at Belk)
Royal Blue Tank: $2.55 at Gap Outlet (Originally $23 at Gap)
Black White Stripe Colorblock top: $13 at Belk (Originally $36 at Belk)
Simply Southern Bowtie T-shirt: $17.95 at Tiki Jims (Originally $21.95 at local boutiques)
Simply Southern 'Tie that Binds' T-shirt: $17.95 at Tiki Jims (Originally $21.95 at local boutiques)
Teal Nine West Shoes: $14.00 at Nine West Outlet (Originally $59 at various shoe stores)
Elephant Print Scarf: $12 at Bjuju (Similar styles $30 and up at boutiques)
Nike Free 5.0 v4 Tennis Shoes: $100 at Finish Line (Originally $140+ on Amazon)
Black Ankle-Length Pants: $10.98 at Gap Outlet (Originally $55 at Gap store)
Elephant Print Pants: $20 at Belk (Originally $36.00 at Belk)
Black Leggings: $14.98 at Gap Outlet (Originally $29.95 at Gap)

In the last few weeks I've spent around $230 and saved almost $250. I'd say that's bargain shopping at it's finest ladies! You should seriously try it :P

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  1. Me too, me too! Fellow sister on a budget who thinks budget shopping is a fun sport. In fact, I refuse to pay full price for anything (clothing-wise that is). Everything goes on sale eventually, and almost every store offers discounts and coupons, so honestly, it makes no sense to pay full price. Side note: why is there not an Olympics for this? We could so win and make all the dollars!!!


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