Holt Beach Trip, 2014 {Part 2}

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of our trip ladies!


Harper and Kevin spent most of the day in bed. The sun and saltwater sure takes it out of you! 

Wednesday evening while Harper hung out with the grandparents, the hubs and I had a date night at the Pirate's Voyage dinner show. We've been wanting to go for a few years now so I couldn't have been more excited!

We weren't there ten minutes and we'd already bought Harper a book. haha

We caught the pre-show. It was super cute. We sang singalongs, watched a juggler, and saw a sealion do tricks. It was my fave!

The set.

Took Harper to the beach, despite her not being a fan. 

The beach wasn't a big hit so we headed back to the lazy river.

It may have been cloudy but this mama took full advantage of a break while the hubs occupied Harp.

The mother-in-law took Harper during nap time so this guy and I could have some time to ourselves in the hot tub. 

Another selfie only because I loved my hair after playing with Brooke's new Paul Mitchell wand.

Spent the evening playing bingo. One of my favorite Holt family beach trip traditions!

It rained off and on all day Friday so we spent the day laying around inside. 

For dinner we hit up Red Robin for the first time. 

Afterwards we headed to the mall where we saw these precious babies. 

When our shopping was complete, we took Harper to the pavillion at Broadway. 

On her first merry-go-round. Despite her face, she loved it!

Then she took her first train ride with Daddy. 

And then we took her on my personal favorite, the ferris wheel. 

And of course we had to take her to the fountain since she's a bit obsessed with water. 

By the time we got home, these two were out on the couch in no time!

On Saturday we had to bid goodbye to this view. 

Well that's it ladies. Thanks for sticking by during my picture-laden posts but I wanted to be sure I had these all on here for future reference. You mamas understand (:

Happy Wednesday!

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