Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday ladies! I hope your weeks are starting off fantastically and you had an equally amazing weekend. I know our weekend was busy, busy, busy but it was so by far one of the best weekends that we've had in a long while.

On Friday afternoon, I kick started my weekend at 3:30 on the dot. The hubs was off for the second day in nearly 20 days so I was anxious to get home and spend some time with him before we had to go pick up Harper from daycare. As much as I love being a family of three, sometimes I just want to soak up time with just the hubs. Those days are few and far between so I savor them whenever possible. I arrived home around 4 and spent the next hour and a half just catching up with the Hubs. With his crazy schedule we've barely seen each other over the last few weeks so it was nice to just reconnect, relax, and chat in each other's company without having to chase an infant around the house.

Around 5:30 we headed off to Harper's daycare to pick her up. As we were walking in the building Kevin stopped and said we had to go back home. Confused I asked why... Little did I know Kevin had left Harper's car seat at home in his car... epic parent fail. haha I ended up heading into the daycare to gather Harper's things and get her ready to go while Kevin made a quick trip back home to get Harper's seat. Thankfully Kevin's cousin was there picking up her little girl and my brother was also there visiting our church daycare so I had people to chat with as I waited.

Following our car seat debacle, we headed to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner with the Friday night crew. Kevin's cousins couldn't join us this week as they were working on their Razr so it was just us, Kev's parents, brother & his girlfriend, as well as my brother and friend Brittni. Despite that the rest of the group wasn't in attendance, we had a blast laughing and carrying on as usual. 

Saturday morning we slept in. By sleeping in I mean we didn't get up until 7. It still ceases to amaze me how life changes so much with a baby. Before sleeping in meant 9am. Now I'm just grateful for the extra hour and a half that the weekend brings. While Kevin got Harper ready for a new day, I fixed us some yummy cinnamon rolls to start off our day. They got a little burnt thanks to a television program we got to watching with Harp but the hubs didn't mind and Harper sure didn't. She's a fan of all things sweet.

Since Kevin's been working so much, I haven't had a lot of time to myself. Knowing this Kevin was so gracious as to watch Harper Saturday morning so I could go out and do a little retail therapy and have some time to myself. Best husband ever! Wanting to be back shortly after lunch, I headed to Greensboro around 9. I hit up Target, Steinmart, Marshalls, Homegoods, Ross, & TJ Maxx. I ended up scoring some great items for our home as well as a few pair of work out pants, a dress, and some linen pants for myself. After feeling like I'd done too much damage to our bank account, I swung by the Chick-fil-a drive through and grabbed us some lunch and went back to meet the family. 

When I got home Harper was gone. Kevin's mom had volunteered to take her to see Kevin's Mema so that we could have some more time together and we could get some things done around the house. As much as I wanted to hang out with my daughter I was grateful because our house was in major need of some cleaning and there were five loads of laundry calling my name. So after chowing down our lunch, Kevin and I got to work and I must say, our downstairs hasn't looked this good in far too long.

Saturday night we hosted dinner and a game night at our house with our Friday night crew. I fixed a feast! We had barbeque, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, cheddar bacon potato bites with homemade ranch dressing, fresh bread, and homemade brownies and cookies. It was delicious and was all gone in no time. Once all the dishes were cleaned and put away, we all gathered in the living room and spent the next two hours playing a girls vs. guys game of Guesstures. Best game ever! We laughed until we cried. I just wish I'd have taken photos. It's a night I don't think I'll be forgetting anytime soon!

Sunday morning Harper slept until 8 o'clock. It was amazing and well appreciated considering our game night didn't end until close to 11. This girl just can't hang till all hours of the night like I once could. Since we slept in later than usual, we decided to go to my family's church instead of Kevin's like we usually do when he's off. His church is about an hour away from our home and starts nearly an hour earlier than mine does so to church with my family it was. 

Following church, we headed to my parents for our weekly Sunday lunch. After of which was followed by our usual Sunday grocery store run. Check out how Harper does grocery shopping...

By the time we arrived home it was nearly 4 o'clock. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing with Harper doodle, catching up on our shows, and spending time as a family. Which is exactly how Sundays should be....

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  1. Love how Harper does grocery shopping. So cute. Sure wish I could grocery shop that way, lol! Sounds like another great weekend in the Holt house:)


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