Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday ladies! Today is my Friday as tomorrow marks the beginning of spring break. Can I get an amen or a hallelujah?! If I said I hadn't been counting down the days till spring break I'd be lying. I have so many things on my to-do list that its not even funny but I can't wait to get started on some projects, party planning, and some home decor shopping! (: But before I get ahead of myself, let me recap our weekend in the Holt household.

Friday afternoon I left work by the usual 3:30. My mother-in-law volunteered to pick up Harper from daycare so I could have some time to myself and some time to run some errands. I ended up spending most of the afternoon running around town looking for a few odds and ends for my best friend's bridal shower gift. Not having much luck, I gave up around 5 and decided to treat myself to a much needed manicure. It was most definitely heavenly (please ignore the blue sharpie remnants on my fingers!).

After my manicure, I met up with the hubs at the house and then we headed to Kevin's parents' house to pick up Harper doodle. Kevin's dad was working Friday night and most of the Friday crew had other plans so we headed to Pizza Hut with Kevin's mom for a quick dinner.

Saturday morning Harper woke up bright and early as is her usual routine. Since Kevin was working and it was so nice outside, I loaded Harper up and we headed to Danville to continue the hunt for Auntie Aly's perfect bridal shower gift. After hitting up Marshalls and Target, we finally scored big at Ross and found the perfect chalkboard mason jars to accompany her chalkboard mason jug from Target. I just wish I'd taken pictures of the two together! They were precious.

We got back home around 11, got ready as quickly as possible, then headed out the door to have lunch with the hubs at his work. They were having their annual Easter Egg hunt for the employees' kids. Since Harper is too little to enjoy the festivities we just watched. Harper didn't mind either way!

After lunch with Kevin I dropped Harper off at my parents' house so I could head to Aly's kitchen-themed shower at her future in-laws house. The party was a big hit and Alyson and Clint racked up on a ton of their kitchen needs! How cute are the mixer shaped cookies?!

After the shower was over, I headed back to the parents' house to spend the rest of the afternoon there. When Kevin got off work we headed to Mayflower with my family for dinner. When we finally made it home around 9, it was time to call it a night!

Sunday was spent the way it always is. Kevin was working so Harper and I headed to church with my parents. After the church service, we headed back to Mom and Dad's for lunch with the whole family. When lunch was over I made a quick run to the grocery store while Harper was occupied by her Papa. When I got back to the house, I loaded Harper back up and we headed on home... but not before we made a quick ice cream stop!(:

Kevin arrived home shortly after 6 and his parents came over not long after. They stuck around for a while and played with Harper while Kevin and I enjoyed a dinner in. By the time they left Harper was in bed and Kevin and I crashed in front of the tv with a Hallmark movie on.

All in all, it was a great weekend! Hope yours was too!


  1. Sounds like a nice and busy weekend. Those cookies are way too cute! fun theme for the shower

  2. Those cookies are adorable! I absolutely love your little girls polka dot and striped dress - too cute!


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