{Monthly Recap}: Ten Months

So Harper turned 11 months old today and I realized I had yet to post her 10 month update from last month as it was still in my draft folder. Total Mom fail! haha I'll share her 11 month post next week (:

Your weight continues to shift between the 17 and 18 pound mark.  At one doctor visit you may be 17 pounds 7 ounces, whereas the next you're 17 pounds and 4 ounces. It's sort of crazy. Despite your weight staying relatively the same, you still continue to grow taller. Guess Dr. Luking was right when he said you'd be tall and slender!

You have been very healthy this month. We haven't had any issues whatsoever. No cold, no fevers, nothing. It's been great. A mom could get use to this (;

You still tend to go to bed somewhere between 8 and 9pm. During the week, you get up around 6:15. Occasionally you are already up but for the most part, I wake you up to get you ready for a new day. During the weekends, you'll sleep until 7:30 or so. You take one good nap each day and a few cat naps here and there.

Your routine is still pretty much the same during the week. You get up around 6:15 and get ready for daycare. By 6:45, you've arrived at daycare and are ready for a day at school. While at daycare you take one good nap and a few cat naps here and there. Your best nap is usually during the morning around 10 or so. You're usually picked up at daycare around 5:30. When we arrive home, Mommy unpacks your things while you hang out in your high chair. When I finish, you're ready to eat some baby food and have a bottle. The rest of the afternoon is spent playing, reading books, or getting you ready for bed with a bath and fresh pajamas. Around 8 you start winding down for bed and by 9, Daddy usually has already tucked you in for the night.

You are still in size 6-9 month and 9 month clothes. These fit you the best. However, I have started putting a few 12 month items on you because we have so many that I'm afraid you'll never wear. They're a bit big but a few rolls of the sleeves and pants and you're good to go.

We moved you up to size 3 diapers this month. Size 2's seemed to fit you perfectly but they just weren't cutting it anymore. With them being the "perfect" fit, it was causing you to get rashes if they were wet because they were directly against your skin or they just didn't hold much in the dirty department... if you get my drift. After moving you up, we haven't had any more rashes or messes. Thank the good Lord.

You are finally getting a good taste for solid foods. You are now eating whole containers of baby food multiple times of day. You love eating big people food such as mash potatoes, Grandma's chicken pot pie, and even cake every now and then :P You absolutely love sweet tea. Nana started giving you tea in your sippy cup every Sunday and you'll gulp it down in a heartbeat. You're also content to drink water out of a sippy cup with your food. Because you're now taking in more solid foods, you've began cutting back on your bottles. Right now you're drinking about 5 six-ounce bottles each day.

Your separation anxiety finally went away this month! You're content to be with anyone whether Mommy is around or not. However, you have discovered how to throw temper tantrums this month and it hasn't been fun. If something isn't going your way, you'll arch your back and start screaming. This has resulted in you wacking your head on furniture, the wall, and other potentially dangerous items more than once.

- You know officially have six teeth! You have four top teeth and two bottom teeth.
- You have become quite the mobile child this month. You pull up on everything to stand. And if you aren't standing, you're crawling all over the place.

- You love being on the move! If you're being held you want someone to run you all over the house. If you're on the floor, your pulling up on anything and everything or you're crawling from one end of the house to the other.
- Being tickled! You think it's so funny when someone tickles you!
- Peekaboo. You love playing peekaboo. You'll grin from ear to ear if you see someone popping up back and forth.
- Curious George. You recently discovered your giant Curious George and he has to go everywhere with you. You drag him around when you crawl; you sleep with him in your bed; and you hold him while we drive down the road... never mind the fact that he's as big as you are!

-  Not having your way! Your temper has come out quite a bit this month. Let's hope it gets better next month!


  1. Happy 10 months, Harper (well, 11 months almost now! ) We'll be celebrating 11 months next week in our house too!:)

  2. awww she's such a cute little lady! i think my little one has a temper too... i am sure thats going to not be very fun for us at times.

  3. I'm so behind in our monthly updates, too. Like WAY behind. Haha. She is too cute!!


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