Harper's First Easter

Growing up both Kevin and I celebrated Easter in a variety of ways. We grew up with dyed Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and Easter bunnies that bared  Easter gifts and baskets. On the flip side we also grew up with Sunrise services, Palm Sunday, and celebrating our Risen Savior. In our home, it isn't any different. We want Harper and our future children to experience the joy of Easter with all things colorful, candy, and gift related. But we also want to raise her up with the knowledge of why we celebrate this holiday. Harper will grow up knowing that Easter is a time in which we celebrate God's love and grace and the fact that he sacrificed his only son so that we could be his children and have everlasting life as well. That my friends is the true meaning of Easter. With that said, I want to share a few snapshots of our Easter with you ladies even if it is just a week or so late!

Kevin had to work on Easter Sunday so it was just Harper and I together for the day. Since Harper doesn't wake till late morning, I skipped out on our Sunrise Service and opted to go to the regular church service at 11 with my family. When church was over we headed to Mom and Dad's for lunch with the rest of the family. While there we headed out back to snap some photos of Harper in her Sunday best in front of the azalea bushes... just like we did every Easter Sunday with me and my siblings. It was bittersweet. 

When Kevin arrived home from work Sunday evening we let Harper open her Easter basket. I was dying for Harper to dive into her basket all day but I knew Kevin wanted to experience her first Easter as well so we held off until Kev got home (next year I have a feeling that's not going to work). Harper loved every minute of opening her goodies and so did we. We loved watching her take it all in. Instead of just dumping out everything, she pulled out every item one by one and really checked it out. It made for quite the laugh! 

Overall, Harper's first Easter was amazing. Kevin and I had a blast shopping for goodies to fill her Easter basket. We may have went a little over the top but we still spent less than $100 and for her first Easter I'd say that's pretty good. And based on Harper's reaction, I'd say it was money well spent!

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  1. So cute. The memories we have of our babies' first Easters are so precious!


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