Weekend Recap

Unlike most weekends, I wasn't counting down the days until Friday like I usually do. Mostly in part to the fact that I didn't really teach last week. Last Monday morning I woke up at 3:30 sick as a dog. Thankfully it passed quickly but I had no energy to go to work and teach my babies. Tuesday, North Carolina was hit yet again with snow and ice so school was called off for all students. Teachers reported to work around 10 which only left us with a 4-hour work day thanks to a longer lunch break. Then Wednesday we had a field trip to the local 4H-Center and Thursday I stayed out of work with little Harper doodle as she was a bit under the weather. So Friday was really my first full day back.

Despite the fact that I hadn't worked most of the week, I was able to catch up fast after work on Friday and managed to head out the door at my usual Friday time of 3:30. I headed to the parents' house to pick up Harper as she spent the day with her Nana and Papa since she was still not back to feeling her best. We spent the afternoon there then headed home to get ready for dinner with the family. When Kev got home we headed to Mayflower for some seafood with Kevin's cousins. They've been absent from our weekly Friday dinners lately so it was nice to catch up. When dinner was over we headed to the hospital to see Kevin's dad. He was put in the ICU last Thursday due to dehydration and low blood pressure. While there we watched Carolina play in the NCAA tournament. We might have gotten a little too loud towards the end because a nurse had to come close the door and remind us that patients preferred it to be quiet in that area of the hospital. Oops...

Saturday morning I had to work. Yes, I said that right. Due to the snow day we had on Tuesday, students had to come to school for a half day on Saturday. You'd think it would have been miserable to work on a Saturday but I have to say it was the best day I've had all year. The kids were great and I actually felt relaxed and covered everything on my plans! Woot woot!

Since Kevin had to work Saturday, my parents kept Harper for me. When school was let out, I headed over to their house. They were out walking in the neighborhood so I parked my car at the house and set out to meet them. As I spotted them, I noticed a car stopped in the middle of the road talking to them. As I got closer I noticed it was Aly & Clint...my best friend and cousin/Aly's fiance. They were headed to Aly's parents house (who happen to also be my neighbors) when they spotted Mom and Dad with a stroller. Aly said she was screaming at Clint to stop because it was her baby. haha I love how they claim Harper as their own :P We stood and talked in the middle of the road for quite some time. By the time we ended our conversation and made our way back to the house, I was starving. We loaded up the babe in Dad's car and we all headed to Circle Drive-In for some hot dogs and fries served car side... one of the perks of living inthe south! After lunch Harper and I headed back home. While Harper napped and played I straightened up the house a bit.

Saturday night Kevin's dad got to come home from the hospital so we went to check on him. My mother-in-law fixed a pot roast with vegetables so we had dinner there. By 8pm, Kevin and I were exhausted and both fell asleep on the couch at the in-laws. I felt horrible for falling asleep when I woke up at 10:45 and saw my mother-in-law playing with Harper. Of course, she assured me it was fine and she was loving every minute she had with Harper.

Kevin had to work again Sunday so it was just me and Harper for the day. We headed to church with my family then had lunch at Mom and Dad's. I headed back to the house around 3. Since Harper was napping when we got back home, I did some more cleaning and organizing. Kevin arrived home shortly after 6:30 with a pizza in tow. The man of my dreams I tell ya :P haha The rest of the evening was spent cuddling on the couch with my little family while flipping back and forth between the NCAA tournament and Hallmark movies. Perfect ending to a weekend if I say so myself...

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  1. Y'all are so cute! Glad you had a good weekend! :)


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