{Monthly Recap}: Nine Months

This month you weighed in at 17 pounds and 9 ounces during your nine month appointment. You were also a little over 28 inches long. Your doctor says you're going to be tall and slender based on the percentile chart. Sounds like you're going to be built after Mommy... since you got your Daddy's looks, I'll at least take that!

You had your very first surgery this month. We met with an ENT specialist in January and he felt like we needed to go on and put tubes in your ears. You had a hearing test and it showed due to the fluid in your ear, you could barely make out sounds in your left ear. As a teacher that bothered me as I know it may cause developmental delays for you. So we opted to go on with tubes and you did amazing. Your surgery went great and you have been like a new kid every since. Also this month, both of your eye teeth are coming in at the same time. It's sort of weird though considering your two top front teeth are no where to be seen! I thought for sure they'd come in first but I guess not.

You are back to sleeping much better this month. You fall asleep around 8 or 9 each night and sleep till 7 unless you're woken up...which happens during the week since we leave for day care at 6:30. Also this month, you've decided to cut out your evening nap. It's been an adjustment but we're getting the hang of your new routine!

Our routine changed quite a bit this month now that you're getting bigger, sleeping longer, and not napping as often. Mommy and Daddy are still getting ready in the mornings before we get you up. Around 6:15 Mommy comes and wakes you up, changes your diaper and clothes, then we pack you up for a day at daycare. We no longer feed you breakfast at home during the week. While at daycare you play most of the morning, eat lunch, then take a short thirty minute nap after lunch, and then you spend the rest of the afternoon playing. Mommy picks you up around 5:30 each day. You used to take a nap around 5:30 to 7 but this month you cut that out for the most part. Now when we get home, Mommy puts you in your high chair while I unpack your diaper bag and get it repacked for the next day. When I'm done with your diaper bag, I start dinner. In between fixing dinner, you play in your high chair. Around 6:15 you get your dinner of baby food. After you finish we play in the floor or run around the house. Around 7pm, you start to get fussy. By 7:30-8, you're ready for your night time bottle. By 8:30, Mommy or Daddy is putting you in bed and you're calling it a night!

Not much has changed here. You're still sticking to size 6-9 months and 9 months outfits. They're fitting your pretty perfectly these days. I just hope you start growing soon because we have a row full of 12 months stuff in your closent in winter styles that I'm having a feeling you aren't going to get much wear out of!

We've kept you in size two diapers again this month. They're starting to get a bit snug but we bought a huge box and are trying to use them up. On top of that, there apparently is quite a bit of difference between a size 2 and a size 3. Size 3 diapers seem to swallow your little butt whole whereas the size 2 barely cover it. It's crazy but hopefully we'll be moving you up next month!

This month you've gained a better appetite for your baby food. You've been a fan of baby food for a while now but you often only ate a half of a container. Now you're consuming three-fourths to the whole thing. You'll practically lick your lips in between bites. It's so funny! Along with your baby food, you're continuing to drink about 6-7 6 ounce bottles a day.

Your separation anxiety is getting much better this month. I think it's due in part to some of the snow days we've had here lately. With the snow, Daddy has been off work so you've gotten to spend more time with him which has allowed you to bond more with other people and not just Mommy. Besides the occasional crying fit, you're still a pretty happy kid. You still generally just cry if you're hungry.

- You're getting two more teeth this month! Woot woot!
- You also had the opportunity this month to model outfits for a coworker of mine's ETSY shop. You did such a great job and your pictures were a huge hit!
- You started pulling yourself up this month and standing.

- You love for someone to hold you and run your around. You think it's the funniest thing!
- This month you've really grown a love for watching Rimy. You think everything he does is funny... be it chasing after his ball or jumping up and down trying to reach the animals on tv. I can see the two of you are going to be great friends!
- Mashed potatoes! We've been sneaking you table food every now and then and you have a love for mash potatoes like no other... you're definitely your Mama's child!
- Your basketball goal. You love playing with your little basketball goal! I'm not sure if it's because it makes all sorts of noises when you put a ball in the net or if it's just because you've figured out how to make a basket. Either way, you can sit for an hour playing with it! Future basketball player? I hope so!

-  Socks! You pull them off moments after I put them on. It's gotten to the point that Mommy doesn't even bother much with them anymore these days!

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  1. Oh Sara, she's getting so big, and she's so pretty! You are doing a fabulous job! Hope to see you soon!


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