{Weekend Recap} Bye Bye Bibi

Well it's Wednesday night and I'm just sitting down to finish this post. What a week it has been, girls! With Kevin working twelve hour night shifts and Harper having been sick since Monday, there's been no rest for this mama. But before another weekend arrives, which I'm so looking forward to, I wanted to get last weekend's recap shared... so here we go......

If you caught my post on Friday, you are well aware of what our plans were for this past weekend. With all the rain that's hit NC over the last week and a half our plans to venture out and enjoy anything fun were postponed so this seemed like the perfect weekend to accomplish a task that should have happened months ago... taking Harper's pacifier, or bibi, as she refers to it.

Since Kevin was working Friday night, I decided to start Operation Bye Bye Bibi on Saturday morning which meant our Friday night was spent per the usual. We made a much needed grocery store run then enjoyed dinner out with my parents and my friend, Brittni. By ten o'clock Harper and I were sound asleep in bed while Kevin was working yet another twelve hour night shift. 

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and started tackling cleaning out Harper's big girl room so I could start decorating it within the next couple of weeks. However, I didn't make near as much progress as I had hoped as our usual late sleeper was up and at it by 8am. 

As soon as Harper woke up, I decided I'd start working with her to get rid of her bibi so I explained to her that she was a big girl now and didn't need her bibi anymore. In turn, I asked her if we could give her bibis to her baby brother because he was a baby and would need them. Without hesitation, she popped the one she was using out of her mouth and dropped it right into the jar I was holding. Then just like she did it everyday, she just walked right out of her room and headed downstairs where she promptly told me she wanted pancakes and juice for breakfast. ha

We spent the morning enjoying pancakes and juice... and even ate a piece of cake for breakfast. Ha mother of the year material right here :P Afterwards, I did all I could to keep Harper preoccupied so as to keep her from asking for her bibi. We spent several hours in Harper's playroom reading books, playing with her princess castle, and watching episodes of Mickey before taking baths and getting ready to head to Greensboro. 

Up until 4 o'clock, Harper did great! She only asked for her bibi a handful of times and each time I just reminded her that we'd given it to brother and she was satisfied. She even offered an, "I'm sorry Mommy. We gave it to little brother" in response to her own question. Thinking we were home free, I left Harper with her daddy to be occupied while I got myself ready to grab dinner with some of the family. 

After I got out of the shower, Harper wandered into our bathroom and started talking to me as I was getting ready. I was applying make up and she informed me she wanted some. Since Kevin needed to get ready as well, I told Harper to pop up on the counter and I'd put some makeup on her (not really, but you know, the things we tell our kids). It was then as I propped her beside me that I noticed she had a pacifier in her mouth. One I distinctly remember throwing away months ago. I have no idea where she found it or when she got it out of the trash, but I was so shocked I just yanked it out of her mouth. Big mistake! An immediate meltdown ensued and for the next ten minutes my child threw a total tantrum screaming for her bibi. 

After telling her a million times that she wasn't getting her bibi, she finally stopped screaming and ventured back into the bathroom for me to pretend to put make up on her.

The rest of the evening went fairly well. She watched some more tv and ate a snack. As we were fixing to leave to head to Greensboro, I told Kevin we should probably give Harper her new toy before we left because maybe she'd be too excited about it than to worry about the bibi she wouldn't be getting in the car. He agreed so he ran to the mailbox to put it in there. Since I was afraid to give Harper a bibi to mail at that point since she had just had a meltdown over her bibi an hour before, we decided to just explain to Harper that in the mailbox was a surprise for being a big girl with no bibi. Like she completely understood, she looked right at me and said "Bibis are for babies Mommy. Brother got my bibi." And just like that, my child was as good as gold. She opened the mailbox to find a Paw Patrol toy she'd been asking for for weeks and the sheer excitement on her face was too much for this mama. Her grin took my breath away. 

After getting her toy, we made our way to Greensboro to run a few errands before meeting up with some of Kevin's family. I knew Harper was exhausted and would fall asleep in the car but I was holding my breath she would do it without throwing a fit for her bibi. And surprisingly enough, she did fall asleep in the middle of playing with her new toy. 

And thankfully, she continued to sleep in the car while I ran a few quick errands at Homegoods, Marshalls, and Carters where I grabbed up these four outfits for all of $10!

Harper woke up just as we were arriving at the Japanese place we were meeting Kevin's family at and as soon as she woke up, she immediately started asking for her bibi. After again telling her she couldn't have it, her eyes swelled up with huge crocodile tears and she started crying. It took us a few minutes to get her settled and quiet before we headed into the restaurant. Thankfully there were no more meltdowns and Harper was content to eat her food and play with her new toy at the table. 

When we got home from dinner Saturday night, Harper had passed out in the car so again we figured we'd have it pretty easy. Kevin and I got Harper undressed and in bed. All the while she never woke up so we just knew we had made it home free. Until about five minutes later when Harper woke up and started screaming. Instead of going to get her, we decided we'd wait it out and see what happened. And ladies, I can only tell you how much I wish I had filmed her in that moment. After realizing we weren't coming to get her or coming to give her the bibi she was screaming for, Harper started tearing her bed up looking for her secret stash of bibis I had discovered she'd been hiding in between her bed and crib bumper. When she realized they weren't there, she went from straight up panic to becoming frantic. All at once she started chucking all of her stuffed animals out of her bed frantically looking for a bibi. When her bed was clear of all her stuffed animals and her blanket, she did something she's never done...she started climbing out of her crib to go find one elsewhere in her room! 

Terrified she might break her arm or leg trying to climb out of her crib, I rushed to her room to soothe her. Knowing I wasn't going to give in and give her a paci after we'd made it all day, I told Harper she could come to mine and Kevin's room and watch Mickey before going back to bed... something we also never do. Once she's in bed, we don't let her get up. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures

Harper ended up in our bed for over two hours and sometime around midnight Kevin finally told her she was going back to bed. Letting me have a break, he took her to her room and laid her down. Again she asked for her bibi and Kevin explained to her that she was a big girl now and didn't need it. And just like that, she said "ok, daddy",  rolled over, and went to bed. I mean for real. I'm not sure why Kevin didn't just tell her sooner. With me, I got meltdowns; with him, she accepted it at face value and was fine with it. How does that happen mamas?!

Sunday morning Harper woke up again pretty early. The first thing she said when I went to get her up was, "Harper give bibi to baby brother." I reminded her that she did indeed give it to her brother and that was that. No more bibi. No more asking for it. No more meltdowns. The rest of our day was spent bibi free. We hung around the house, had my family over for lunch, and then caught up on the Hallmark movie we'd dvred the night before. When it came time to go to bed, Harper simply asked for her Mickey and Minnie toys and fell fast asleep. It was easy peasy! If I had known taking Harper's bibi was going to be that relatively easy, I'd have done it much sooner. So if you're worried mamas, just go for it! 

Now fingers crossed her tranistion to a big girl room in a few weeks will be just as smooth.... 

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  1. Overall it sounds like she took that obstacle pretty well .. and so did you!!

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  2. The tipi looks like such fun! And poor girl she sure does look so sad but she looks adorable at the same time!


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