{5 on Friday} A Trip to the ER

1} A Trip to the ER
Well it happened last night. Harper's first injury. And this mama feels like the worst mama ever. Yesterday evening after Kevin left for work, I was frantically trying to get ready in time to attend my cousin's funeral visitation with my parents. Harper was in one of her independent moods and refused any help in getting ready. I was frustrated by the time I got her dressed and told her to go downstairs to watch Mickey while I finished up. As I often do, I watched Harper head down the first few steps to make sure she was making it okay. After seeing her manage quite well, I quickly ran into our bedroom in search of a shirt. Which is when all at once I heard something rolling down the stairs.

Thinking Harper had thrown the soccer ball she was carrying down the stairs, as she usually does, I turned back around in search of a shirt. When all at once, reality sunk in and I realized it wasn't Harper's ball that had rolled down the stairs, it was Harper. I flew out of the bedroom and saw Harper laying in our floor. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could in three inch high heels, never thinking about the fact that I could fall and break my own neck. By the time I got to her, she was already up and crying over her ball she couldn't find. I could see blood splattered all in our floor so I was frantically trying to see her face to see if she'd knocked out all of her teeth, broken her nose, cut her forehead, etc. Yet, her face appeared fine. I quickly scanned her body looking for cuts and broken limbs but still didn't see anything. Yet I could see Harper's clothing was being soaked with blood and I was slowly being covered with it as well. And that's when I turned Harper around to see the whole back of her head was soaked in blood. Without thinking I grabbed Harper up, called my parents and told them I was rushing Harper to the emergency room and wouldn't make it to the funeral home, grabbed a new shirt, and ran out the door! 

We made it to the hospital in less than five minutes. We spent an hour or so in the waiting room, all the while Harper munched on some crackers from a vending machine and asked a hundred times when we could go home to watch Mickey. Knowing she hadn't really cried over what happened, I knew she couldn't be in much pain and she didn't appear the least bit phased but she was still covered in blood and with her hair all matted, I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from and how bad it really was. 

Thankfully by 8pm, we were in a room. The doctor looked over Harper and confirmed she had no broken bones, no concussion, etc. Yet, she too couldn't see where Harper was bleeding from so she sent in a nurse to wash Harper's hair. Thankfully after that was done, Harper's head was clear and we were able to see the tiniest cut. It was about the width of a finger nail and wasn't very deep. Which meant no stitches or staples. Praise God! In the end we left with only good news! Yet, this mama still spent the night beating herself up for not being more responsible and paying more attention. 

2} Awesome Buys on Toys
Yesterday after school I decided to swing by Walmart and check out their toys. I've been working on Harper's Christmas wish list and like to peruse the aisles every now and then to see what new toys are on the market. And thank God I did because yesterday was my lucky day. It just so happened that the Walmart closest to my work had nearly half of their toys on clearance in an effort to make way for this year's new toys. One of the toys on Harper's wish list so far was this V-tech train that her friends Elijah and Griffin have. The cheapest I'd found it was $41 on Amazon. But as luck would have it. I spotted two of these babies on the top shelf marked down to $30. That baby headed straight into a cart. And would you know, when I went to pay for it, it rang up at $19! This mama may or may not have done a happy dance right there at the cash register :P

3} Couponing
On Monday, my friend Brittni and I attended a couponing class at church with my parents. As a bargain shopping mama I've been dying to know how to coupon so when I saw my church was hosting a class, I signed up as soon as it opened. The class was amazing and the lady who taught it made it sound so easy. The class focused pretty much on how to coupon at Target; and as you know that's my favorite place to shop, so I was totally all ears. If you're interested in learning to coupon, you can visit Caitlyn's Couponing on Facebook for all of her tips. You can also check out totallytarget.com and they totally lay out all of the coupons you need to grab up some good buys! It's couponing made easy, friends! I'll be making my first couponing adventure tomorrow! Wish me luck!

4} Weekend Plans
Since this is the first weekend in what seems like forever that there is no rain on the horizon, we have big plans for our weekend. Tomorrow our town will be having it's annual fall festival so we'll be heading out there in the morning in search of yummy festival food and cute trinkets for stocking stuffers. In the afternoon, I'll be attending a hand-lettering class hosted by my lovely cousin who owns All She Wrote Notes. If you've never visited her online shop, go do it now. To top off our evening, we plan to take Harper to a local pumpkin patch for some family fun. Fingers crossed it's not too cold!

5} Photos from the Week 

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  1. I'm so glad to hear she's okay!!! And you're not a bad mama! I remember when I was a kid I got a cut on my head as well, but I have a scar from it now as an adult, but my mom was wailing so worried I was dying because I was bleeding so badly.

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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