Harper: Three Weeks

Our baby girl is three weeks old! Where is the time going?! In just a little over a week, we'll have a one month old on our hands! It's unbelievable and a bit heartbreaking :( 

 Weight: The county's post-partum nurse came by on Tuesday for a home visit. While at the house checking up on Harper and myself, she weighed little Harper doodle. We discovered Harper isn't quite so little anymore. Our little girl had gained another 12 ounces in one week! She weighed in at 8 pounds and 14 ounces! Holy cow! She's going to be a whopper before I know it and it makes me so sad. I wish she would stay this tiny forever. 

Health: Other than continuing on her Keflex for her hydronephrosis, Harper is healthy and happy as can be!

Sleep: Over the last week, we've been working on getting Harper's schedule switched. Up until this point, she had a tendency to want to stay awake from about 11pm-3am and play. So this week, we worked and worked to get her to stay up in the evenings and sleep during the night. We finally discovered that if we bathed her sometime around 5 or 6 pm, she'd stay up most of the evening and snooze soundly during the night. It's still a work in progress but we've seen a big difference and have been able to get more sleep so I'm definitely not complaining!

Clothes: Harper is still wearing newborn clothes. However, we've began adding in some 0-3 months outfits into her wardrobe to offer a little more variety. On top of that, Harper has a whole rack of 0-3 month outfits and in order for her to wear them all, we better start putting them on her soon even if they are a little bit big!

Visitors: We ventured out with Harper a lot this past week so it really cut down on our visitors. On Tuesday, a couple from Kevin's church brought us dinner and spent the evening with us. But other than that, for the most part, only our close family came by this week such as Kevin's grandparents, our parents and siblings, and my best friend Alyson. 

Baby Gear Love:  We're still using Harper's Dr. Brown bottles, the Aden + Anais burpy bibs and blankets, and the swing each day. New to the list this week are nail files. Harper's nails were starting to get really long and I was afraid of her scratching herself. Since I'm a bit nervous about cutting her nails this early with clippers, I began using nail files that were included in our baby healthcare kit. They work great on her paper thin nails and I don't have to worry about cutting her little finger! 

Crying: Harper is still only crying if she's hungry. Even then, she tends to fuss more than she cries. She usually will start grunting and wiggling around for a few minutes before the crying starts. So once we start seeing her little hands and feet moving, we get to moving ourselves in order to prevent the high pitched squeals that her little lungs can produce!

Likes: Harper is still loving her swing, bath time, and car rides. Our little girl loves to be on the move! This week she's also come to love falling asleep on our chests. Up until this week, she'd lay on our chests for a few minutes but then would roll herself over until she could lay on her side. But this week, she's finally started being content on our chests and it makes for some happy parents since we love snuggling with our baby girl (:

Milestones: Harper and I ventured out for more than just a short ten minute car ride. Over Memorial Day weekend, Kevin had to work so the two of us made our way to spend the weekend with my family at our home-away-from-home at Belews Creek. I was worried about taking Harper on the 45 minute car ride by myself but she did amazing. Also this week, Harper spent her first full day away from her mommy. I went back to work Wednesday for the day to complete cumulative folders, student portfolios, and to pack up my classroom for the summer. My intention was to only work half a day but I had so much to do that I sort of lost track of time. But thankfully, she was perfectly content with being with her daddy for the day and didn't miss me at all!

Postpartum: I'm feeling amazing and finally feel like I actually know what I'm doing where motherhood is concerned. I'm also happy to report that when the postpartum nurse came on Tuesday, I had to complete a postpartum depression survey and passed it with flying colors. The survey revealed that I had NO signs of postpartum depression! 

Snapshots from the Week


  1. So, so sweet! I know exactly how you feel about not wanting Harper to grow up - I feel the same way about Caleb, and can't believe my little man will be three weeks old this week. Just imagine how we'll feel when our children start school, graduate, etc. Oh, Lord!!! And, even though I don't want him to get bigger, we also have a ton of 3 month clothes (precious little jon jons and rompers) that I want him to be able to wear, so it's mixed feelings for me!

  2. She is so adorable! They grow so fast!!

  3. she is so cute!! so happy to hear that things are going well for you and sweet baby harper, you really seem to be tackling motherhood with ease ;)


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