Harper: Two Weeks

I cannot believe this precious little girl is two weeks old?! Where have the last fourteen days gone :(

Weight: Harper had her two week check up yesterday and she weighed in at 8 pounds and 2 ounces. She gained 12 ounces in 9 days! Whoa! We're going to have a chunky monkey on our hands (: 

Medical Issues: She's still taking Keflex for her hydronephrosis. She's not a big fan of the medicine and after tasting it myself, I can see why. But hopefully after her four week check up, she'll get the a-okay to come off of it.  We aren't as concerned about the issue now as she pees all the time so it doesn't appear that she is retaining any fluid in her bladder or kidneys. Praise the Lord!

Sleep: Harper's sleep schedule is pretty much the same as it was when she was in the womb. She pretty much naps all day and decides its time to stay up and play around 10pm. Poor thing has her days and nights confused. She tends to sleep for three to four hour stretches throughout the day. Usually during the later part of the morning, around 9 or 10ish, she likes to stay up for about an hour and play. Then she likes to stay up and play from about 11pm-2am. She's our little night owl!

Clothes: Harper is still wearing her newborn clothes. It's amazing how some of her newborn clothes swallow her whole and some are starting to get snug. But since Harper has a limited number of newborn clothing items and the hubs made the comment that she was always wearing the same outfits, I have started putting a few 0-3 month outfits on her. It's quite funny because they swallow her whole! 

Visitors: Harper had quite a bit of visitors this week. The funny thing is that they all tend to show up on the same day... which is fine with this mama. It just messes up my naptime. But that's okay, we'll take the company. This week the following people visited us: Emily (my college roommate); Papa Robert & Elizabeth (Kevin's grandpa and step grandmother); Uncle Kenny (Kevin's uncle); The Loye's (Kevin's best friend and his family (Harper's future in-laws...haha)); Auntie Brooke & Uncle Bryan (Kevin's siblings); Aunt Misty, Uncle Brandon, and Jacob (my sister and her family); Olivia & Miriam (one of my lifelong best friends and her mom).

Baby Gear Love:  We're still loving the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, the Dr. Brown's bottles, and Harper's Fisher Price Snugabunny swing. We use each of these products on a daily basis and I'd highly recommend them to all of the new mamas out there. A few new products we've come to love this week are the Aden + Anais burpy bibs and the Carseat Canopy covers. The Aden + Anais burpy bibs are super large and work great as both a bib and a burp cloth. I love that they are large enough that they wrap around the baby. One of Harper's biggest problems is that when she drinks from a bottle, it dribbles down her chin and runs down to her back. The Aden + Anais burpy bib prevents this. I also like that as soon as she's done eating, I can take it off, toss it on my shoulder, and use it as a burp cloth. It's huge and definitely keeps you well covered. And just like the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, the fabric is super soft and super absorbent. As for the Carseat Canopy cover, I am super impressed with it. Shortly before Harper was born, I was given a coupon for a free carseat canopy cover from carseatcanopy.com. The only cost was the $12 shipping charge. I was skeptical of how nice this product would be since it was free but I decided at the last minute to try it out. Thank goodness I did. I can't get over the quality of it. It's definitely made very well and it's worked great in protecting Harper from the rain that we've had this week as we've taken her in and out of the car. It also works great to shield her from unwanted attention.. i.e. strangers wanting to touch her in public! If you don't already have one, there are a ton of coupon codes out there for a free one. So google it and go get one! I promise you won't regret it!

Crying: Harper is such a happy baby. I'm so thankful that as of right now, she isn't a crier. The only time she cries is if she's hungry and you aren't getting food to her fast enough. She's definitely my child :P 

Likes: Harper has become fascinated with lights. She can sit and stare at a light for a solid five minutes which is a lot for a little person like her. She also still loves her bath time. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite part of the day. She just completely relaxes when we put her in her little tub and she just coos as we bathe her. 

Milestones:Harper experienced some more firsts this week! This past Sunday I took her to church for the first time. Unfortunately her daddy had to work so he couldn't come. But we survived without his help. Speaking of which, Harper and I also ventured out on our own for pretty much a whole day last Friday. Harper went to my work and met my third grade kiddos. Then we went and met Daddy at work for the first time. Another important milestone to add is that Harper made her big debut this week at the softball field. She did great at her daddy and uncle Bryan's softball game. She was quite a hit among their teammates. 

Postpartum: I'm doing great and feel much more like myself this week. I've got more energy now and my back is hurting less and less. The only trouble I have now is getting dressed. It's amazing to me how dressing postpartum is far more difficult than it was to dress when I was pregnant. How strange is that?! I see a shopping trip in my near future! 


  1. Ahh!! What a cutie pie! Love that first picture :)

  2. beautiful baby :) never knew how awesome it could be, huh? its amazing.


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