Harper's Birth Story: Part Three

Sure enough, by 9:20pm, I could start to feel the urge to push. Unfortunately, the nurse and doctor weren't in the room at the time the urge hit. So after a few minutes of feeling the pressure build, I told my sister to call the nurses' station and have them get the nurse asap. I knew that I couldn't hold off from pushing much longer.

Thankfully, she realized the urgency and just a few short moments later she appeared and told me to go ahead and push whenever I felt the urge. So Kevin took his place on my right and my sister took her place on the left. Alyson was in the room too but she wandered around and took pictures for us.

At 9:25, I started pushing! 

In between pushing, we watched a little Duck Dynasty, a show I've never watched before in my life but sure made the time pass. 

Little did I know, I'd have to push for quite a while since Harper was still face up. Due to her positioning, Harper was having a hard time dropping into the birth canal. It took almost an hour and a half to get her head to crown. But once the nurse and doctor saw that head full of dark hair, I pushed for about ten more minutes and out she came at 11:14pm.

As soon as she was laid on my chest, the tears began to fall. I couldn't believe she was finally here and in my arms. Hearing her cry for the first time was the sweetest sound I think I'd ever heard in my whole life. 

Our first photo as a family of three <3 nbsp="" p="">

After we had an hour of skin-to-skin time, the nurse took her from me and did her measurements.

After her measurements, everyone finally got to get their hands on her.. including her Daddy!

& her grandparents and great-grandma!

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that just like us, everyone fell in love with her that very night<3 nbsp="" p="">


  1. Reading through Harper's birth story makes me remember Caleb's. I can't believe he's going to be 2 weeks old this week! And Harper is going on 4 weeks, right? Time just FLIES with these little ones. I get so emotional when I think about it!!!

  2. hearing them cry for the first time IS the sweetest sound. i agree!

  3. Aww such a sweet end :) love that you watched duck dynasty to pass the time!


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