40 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along? 40 Weeks!!!

Baby Size: According to my BabyBump app, Harper should be about the size of a small pumpkin. She should be around 20 inches long and weigh approximately 7.5 pounds. Since she's weighing in at more than the typical baby, I'm going to guess she's somewhere around 8-8.5 pounds at this point. 

Total Weight Gain: My weight gain fluctuates but I'm guessing I've gained between 35-40 pounds total this pregnancy. 

Maternity Clothes: Still half and half. At home, I lounge in all of my old t-shirts and Kev's sweatpants. In public, I stick to maternity pants and maternity tops for the most part. But if I'm wearing a dress or skirt, most of them are pre-preggo items. 

Stretch Marks? I'm happy to report that I've successfully made it throughout this pregnancy without any stretch marks even close to my stomach! I only have the few on my left hip! I owe it all to Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter lotion. It's a miracle worker! I highly recommend it to all of you preggo mama-to-be's!

Sleep: I've been able to sleep amazingly well lately! I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow and I sleep all night. I usually get up around 4:30-5:30 and potty then I climb back in bed and fall right back to sleep. Then I wake sometime around 7. Needless to say, I've been soaking up as much sleep as I possibly can!

Best Moment This Week: Finishing up everything in preparation for Harper's arrival! Everything is done. Now we just need her to get here!

Miss Anything? Regular clothes, cute shoes, and normal size feet/legs/ankles. 

Movement: Harper is constantly moving. But now she moves the most during the day and less and less at night! Hallelujah! Maybe our baby girl has finally gotten herself on a normal schedule...  just in time for her arrival?! I hope so!

Food Cravings: Ice cold drinks, bean and bacon soup, and hot dogs... needless to say, we've been eating at Mayberry's a lot over the last week!

Gender: A Girl {Harper Londyn Holt}

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks contractions, lower back pain, and some tightening!

Symptoms: I'm still swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet. My acid reflux has gotten worse... guess I jinxed myself when I was bragging on it getting better last week. I've been nesting non-stop! Like seriously, it's gotten out of hand. I've cleaned, reorganized, did all the laundry and dishes, and vacuumed almost every day in the last few days! My greatest fear was that Harper would come and I'd have to leave my house in a mess! Lord knows when we return home we'll have lots of visitors and I know I'll have no energy to worry about cleaning and straightening up!

Belly Button In or Out? It's still in!

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Still off just in case my fingers were to swell! 

Mood: Getting anxious and excited!!

Looking forward to: Meeting our baby girl! We go in to the hospital tonight and start the induction process. The plan is to start me on Cervadil tonight at 7:15pm to soften my cervix. Then at 7am tomorrow morning they'll start my pitocin. By tomorrow evening, we should be holding our baby girl in our arms!!! (: 

Just a Side Note: I'm going to take a week or so off from the blogging world to get the hang of life with our baby girl. In the meantime, I've wrote a few blogs ahead of time to be published each day and keep you ladies entertained. If I feel up to it, I'll try to get on here and share some pictures of our baby girl when she arrives. But just in case if I don't have time or feel up to it, feel free to follow me on instagram at saramholt or on facebook at facebook.com/semoore2. I'm sure I'll be updating those two sites on a more regular basis. 

Keep us in your prayers ladies and I'll check back in in a week or so! 


  1. YAY!! Oh my gosh...how exciting that she will be here tomorrow! I have my doc. appt tomorrow (39 weeks) so I am hoping any day now! I just found you on instagram so I can follow along (lesliebcoxon) Good luck tonight and tomorrow!! Can't wait to see pictures! =)

  2. So excited for you! Sending prayers your way that everything goes smoothly and that by this time tomorrow, you and your hubby will have sweet baby Harper in your arms:) Congratulations, Mama!!!

  3. I am so excited for you!! She is almost here :) can't wait to see pictures.


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