Harper: Four Weeks

Harper doodle is four weeks old! In just a few days, she'll be a month old! Whaaat?!

Weight: Harper won't be weighed again until her two month check-up. But my guess is that she's weighing somewhere between 9 and 10 pounds at this point. 

Health: I'm happy to report that Harper finally lost her umbilical cord stump last Thursday! We'd been counting down the days until it would fall off. It's barely been hanging on over the last couple of weeks. 

Sleep: Harper has finally gotten her schedule adjusted to ours in that she stays awake during the day and sleeps at night. She's also become much more alert this week and has been staying awake much longer. Typically she'll stay up for a couple of hours in the morning and usually later in the evening she'll stay awake for about five hours; though occasionally she'll dose for a few minutes in that five hour period. 

Clothes: Harper is still wearing her newborn outfits. However, due to her increasing length, I'm guessing this will probably be her last week in them. They fit her perfectly but her footed sleepers are just getting too tight on her little feet and she can't stretch out her toes. We've tried putting 3 month sleepers on her and they fit great in length but are absolutely huge everywhere else. So for the most part, she's wearing onesies all the time! Thank goodness she has a lot of cute ones!

Visitors: Harper got to see both sets of grandparents this week, her great-grandma, her aunts and uncles, and Kevin's best friend and his family. New this week, Harper got to meet the teacher I student taught with and her sweet seven-month old daughter. 

Baby Gear Love:  Still the usual... Aden + Anais blankets and burp cloths, Fisher- Price snugabunny swing, and her Dr. Brown's bottles.

Crying: For the most part, Harper is still only crying when she's hungry. Though, there have been a few nights this week that she was pretty fussy. However, after giving her some gas drops and gripe water she stopped so I'm guessing her little tummy hurt.

Likes: This week Harper has fallen in love with being on her play mat. If she starts getting fussy, we just lay her on it and turn it on and her fussiness instantly stops. She loves watching the musical mobile light up and she's fascinated by the fact that she can hit the toys that hang down and they move. It's been a real lifesaver this week as I've tried to do some things around the house. I just plop her down on the mat and she's perfectly content for an hour or so.  She's also gotten where she wants to sit up like an adult this week. We try holding her to sit her up but she gets irritated. So we just prop her up against the back of the couch, surround her with some pillows, and she's a happy girl. She'll sit and watch tv just like Kevin and I do. She's already trying to grow up too fast!

Milestones: This week Harper has started giving "real" smiles. Before she used to smile when she had gas, left us a "surprise", or while she was dreaming. But this week, she has started smiling when we talk to her or play with her. She absolutely loves playing peek-a-boo with her baby bib after she's ate. She'll coo and smile every time! It melts my heart <3 span="">

Postpartum: I started working out again this week and my tired and sore muscles have never made me more happy. I've been back at my pre-pregnancy weight for the past couple of weeks but I still have the "pooch" going on in my belly. After staring at it each day when I get out of the shower, I decided it was time to fix it. After all, bathing suit season has arrived and if I'm going to be sporting a two-piece, I had to get this belly under control. So after spending a whole day picking apart different postpartum workouts, I put together my own and started at it. I'll be blogging about my new workout in a week or so for all of you new mommies! 

Snapshots from the Week

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  1. I'm excited to read about your postpartum workouts! Good for you for starting to get back in shape. I'm definitely hoping to start soon. And lucky you for being back at your prepregnancy weight! So jealous ha!


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