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Life with a newborn has definitely changed things...especially where time is concerned. In the midst of trying to juggle keeping a house clean, cooking meals, doing laundry, and looking after Miss Harper Doodle, I don't have much time to sit down and put my thoughts to the computer screen anymore. I try but usually halfway through writing a blog post, something needs my attention so I don't get to finish. So instead of trying to write a bunch of posts about whats been going on lately, I decided to just write one blog with a hodgepodge of items until I have more time to sit down and really blog like I want to. So let's get started shall we.

Blog Name
You might have noticed that I changed my blog's name. When I started my blog, it was only my space so I had entitled it "Momentary Memories in the Life of SEM". After Kevin and I got married, it only seemed appropriate to change the name to "Momentary Memories in the Lives of S & K" since this space became our space. And now that we've welcomed a new member into our family, I felt that it was time I changed the name of the blog again. Not wanting to continue adding initials, I decided to just sum it up. Hence how I came to terms with the new name, Momentary Memories in the Holt Household. 

Grad School
As a teacher, education is extremely important to me. Since graduating college, I've had intentions of going back to school and getting my Master's degree. But for some reason, I just hadn't got around to it. So when a friend of mine heard about a cohort program happening within our county, I decided it was time I go back. So over the last two weeks, I've been working on submitting my grad school application to North Carolina A & T University. It's not the school I had wished to pursue my Master's at, nor is it the degree I had intended to get. However, with a baby, it's the one that works the best for us. The program will be offered off campus at a school located ten minutes from my house. We only have to meet once a week during the school year and for two straight weeks in the summer for the next two years. On top of that the program director is so unbelievably sweet and totally recognizes that we have lives outside of our jobs and school. She is extremely laid back and is willing to work with her students which is just what I need since I'll be juggling work, school, and the family life. I know it's going to be hectic at first but I'm truly looking forward to it!

Last fall, my brother bought his first home. It was a foreclosure property that needed a little work. However, my brother can never make anything easy. Instead of just fixing what needed to be fixed, he completely gutted the inside of the house and redid everything! Over the last few weeks the house has really taken shape and looks like a newly built home. As he prepares to move in, arrange furniture, and decorate, I've been inspired to make some changes to mine and Kevin's own home. There are quite a few things I'd like to get accomplished, so of course I made a list. Since I'm out of work until August 19th, one of the perks to being a teacher, I'm thinking I just might be able to tackle all of this before heading back in the fall. But we'll see. 

The first thing on my list is to have our fence stained and our yard landscaped. Kevin and I put up a privacy fence in our back yard two years ago as a wedding present to each other. Two years later, it's still unstained. Secondly, I want to redecorate the master bathroom. It looks the same that it did when we moved in three years ago! It's definitely in need of a face lift. Next on the list comes the kitchen. When we moved into our house, the only room that had wall paper was our kitchen. Our goal was to tear it down at some point and paint but here we are three years later and the fruit border is still staring down at me. I want it gone and a fresh coat of tan paint on the wall in it's place. The last item on my list is that I want to completely redo our dining room. By completely, I mean new paint, new wall decor, new furniture, and new curtains! Yes, I have big aspirations for this room. I'm seriously doubting it will be complete by the end of summer but I hope to at least have it started in hopes to finish it by the end of the year!  I'll be blogging about my hopes for it as soon as I get the chance!

Date Nights
I am happy to report that Kevin and I have successfully had two date nights since Harper was born. Our first night out we went to see Fast and the Furious 6 with my brother and another couple. It was an awesome movie and is by far my favorite of the six movies. A week later, Kevin and I went out just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then went to see The Hangover 3. I was a bit disappointed in the movie but I was happy for the time with the hubs. Special thanks to my mother in law for keeping Harper doodle for us! It was hard being away but it made it easier knowing she was in good hands!

Getting Fit
One of the hardest things for me to accept after having Harper was my body. My hips are now wider, I have a "pudge", and I've got stretch marks on my legs and hips. On top of that, dressing after you have a baby is by far ten times worse than it is when you're pregnant. Maternity clothes are too big and your pre-pregnancy clothes are too small. What's crazy is the pre-pregnancy clothes I could wear while I was pregnant, I can't wear now that I'm not. How in the world that happened I don't know. All of this combined caused me to have my one and only melt down post baby. Yes, call me shallow but my emotional moment came from the way I looked. I had a crying fest because I didn't think I'd ever look good anymore and I couldn't find any clothes in my closet to fit other than dresses. Looking back I laugh. But it was because of that moment that I jumped back on the workout train.

I've started working out about five days a week and it feels so good to be back. I only make it to the gym a couple days of the week because of Kevin's work schedule. So the rest of the days I work out at home. It isn't nearly as effective as lifting weights at the Y, but it helps and for that I'm still thankful. On top of working out, I've started tanning. And a person can always feel better about themselves when they're tan! And I'll be getting my haircut later this week. I'll be going with a new look that I'm super excited about! Maybe I'll post pics soon... We'll see if I have time or even remember too haha

Over the last couple of weeks, I've seen a lot of progress and I definitely feel like I'm getting to the point that I was before getting pregnant with Harper. But even if I don't make it back to that point, it'll be okay. I've got her to prove for it and I wouldn't change that for the world! 


  1. First time by the blog. :)

    TOTALLY get the body after baby issue! I didn't mind the weight gain at all while preggers, but had some definite hard moments the first months after having my daughter. Hang in there - she is ten months and I am finally starting to feel like myself again!

    Harper is too cute!


  2. It seems like things are going well in the Holt Household. I'm so happy for you and your family!

  3. That's great that you are going back to school! Very exciting

  4. B and I are going to attempt our first date night this weekend and I am super excited about it. Hearing that you and your hubby were successful makes me feel encouraged - we definitely need a night out alone!!!

    So proud of you for jumping back on the horse and doing what you need to do to feel better about your body after baby. Having a baby definitely changes your body, but I am very confident that we will both be back to our normal, pre-preggo selves very soon:) As far as the hair goes, well, I too need to make a hair appointment. My hair is in SAD need of some highlights and a trim - and I'm kind of thinking I'd like to change things up a bit. Can't wait to see what you do with your hair!!!

  5. New follower! I am a teacher too and so ready to start enjoying summer. I decided to teach summer school though. Money is good and I am hoping it is the last one before adding to our family as well! I completed my Master's a little over 2 years ago. I went through a cohort program and absolutely loved it! It's good to go through the program with the same people you started with, it's like a family. Now that I have written you a book lol I will get back to teaching!! :-)


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