Teacher Survival Kit

My best friend in the entire wide world is fixing to start her first year as a 2nd grade teacher in High Point, NC. I am beyond excited for her and I know she is going to touch so many lives within her classroom. She's going to be an absolutely phenomenal teacher. Unlike me, she has the patience of Job and the demeanor of Mother Teresa. In other words, she's perfect for the job (: 

Alyson and I in April 2011

As a surprise, I decided to put together a teacher survival kit for her. In it I included everything that I used in my classroom during my first year. 

In it I had:
A small clipboard, a journal, binder clips, paper clips, glue sticks, white out, a giant eraser, markers, colored pencils, post it notes, to do notes, thank you cards, index cards, page markers, labels, ziploc bags, thumbtacks..

hand sanitizer, sticky notes, masking tape, packing table, headache relief tablets (seriously...they get used once a week!), clorox wipes, kleenex, rubber bands, Life Savers mints, & Starbursts.

 Before I put it in the bin, I laid everything out....

After reorganizing it 3 times, Voila! It's finished (:

PS...She loved it (:

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