{Recipes}: Stromboli

I saw several recipes floating around Pinterest for your own homemade stromboli's so I decided to try my hand at my own. Guess what? It's a hit! On top of that.. it's super quick, easy, & inexpensive! So here goes!

What You Need
- One small jar of Classico's Classic Pizza Sauce
- Small bag of Pepperoni
- A small bag of Kraft Italian Cheese
- One tube of Pizza Dough

- Roll out your pizza dough onto a pizza sheet with foil
- Spread out a small amount of pizza sauce onto the dough

- Layer the pepperoni

- Sprinkle several handfuls of cheese

-Fold over the crust
- Pop it in the oven on 375 for about 25 minutes

- Take it out and enjoy (:


  1. what are the chances of me making pizza for dinner tonight with the exact same ingredients?
    haha! it was delicious!

  2. YUM! I'll have to try it this week.. looks delicious!


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