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Today was my first "official" day back to school. I say official because I've spent the last few weeks at school trying to get a head start on the school year and I am pretty excited to say I've gotten a HUGE start! My classroom is done, curriculum maps are completed for the WHOLE school year, and I've already got my first week of plans complete. Go me! But of course, there was a reason why I was so anxious to get a head start on my year. The reason being that today and tomorrow, I have to spend my first two workdays sitting in conference after conference for my school district. At first I wasn't excited but I've learned so many new things that I can not wait to implement in my classroom. I'll share some of them later when I can wrap my head around all of them and how specifically I am going to use them.

Well I'm off to another class. But before I go I just had to share this video that was shown in a class that I took today. It had me laughing (:

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