{Friday Link Ups} School's Out, Snakes, & Summer Gift Buckets!

1} This Week's Posts
If you didn't catch any of my posts from this week, I blogged about our weekend, our trip to Charleston & Myrtle Beach, as well as shared our plans for our porch makeover. You can click on the links to read all about them if you missed them!

2} School is Out!
Today is my last official day of school. As of 12:15 today, I'll say goodbye to my precious third grade babies for the last time. Over the last 178 days, I've grown to love each and every one of those little guys and gals like my own. Despite how happy I am that summer has officially arrived for me and my little family, I'm a bit sad to see all of my babies go. But I know they're all going to continue to learn and grow up to do great things! 

3} Christmas Shopping Bargains
If you caught my last confession post, I shared Harper's Christmas list we've been working on over the last month or so. I know it seems pretty early to think about Christmas lists but when we have so many people to buy for, it helps to spread out the purchases throughout the year. Lucky for me, I had a general idea of what I wanted to get Harper. That paid off because just this week I was able to buy Harper both this Pottery Barn doll high chair and cradle for a grand total of $65! Which still happens to be less than just one of those items. It pays to shop early my friends! If you don't believe it, you should try it. Come Christmas those sorts of bargains won't be around!

4} Snakes
Earlier this week, I got a text at work from Kevin saying we had a major problem at the house. Considering Kevin is pretty laid back and nothing is ever a major problem to him, I was immediately concerned. When I asked what was wrong, I couldn't happen but to laugh at his response. There's a big (inappropriate word) snake in the garage! My first thought... thank God it's not me! haha Kevin not being a big fan of snakes was not about to get near it so he called my dad to come over and help kill it. As Kevin waited for my dad to arrive, he stood in front of the area the snake had taken refuge in. Thirty minutes later my dad arrived with a hoe in hand. Yet, when they moved all the things the snake was behind, he was no longer there. Kevin has no idea how that happened as he never saw him escape. They tore our garage all to pieces looking for the thing but in the end, still ended up without finding him. All I can say is I hope he's long gone. On our walk yesterday I saw another snake dead and I can only hope that was him!

5} Summertime Bucket
As the school year has been coming to an end, I've been seeing many of my instagram friends have been creating summer gift buckets for their children. I think this is such a cute idea and am considering creating Harper a little summer bucket of her own. I was thinking of getting a sand pail and filling it with pool goodies, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc. Any thoughts on things to add friends? Do you ladies do this for your kids? If so, I'd love to see pictures and get your feedback!

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  1. Happy Summer!! Enjoy your time off - today must just be the best! I love that you're already Christmas shopping - there is no such thing as too soon!


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