Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, ladies! I hope you all are recovering from a nice, long, relaxing weekend. After a week off from work due to snow, I can't say we really did anything big and exciting this weekend. On Friday I headed into work for a few hours, grabbed lunch with an old friend, then ran some errands before picking up Harper from daycare. We ended our Friday night with the usual dinner with my parents and my friend Brittni tagged along. On a side note, my friend Brittni is single and my dad often asks her if she has found her a man yet. The week before last Brittni had tagged along with us for our Friday night dinner and upon her arrival, she was telling my parents that she had lost her coat and had no idea where it had went. During the blessing, my dad prayed that her coat would show up. So Friday Dad asked about it and she explained to him that she had in fact found it. So Dad told her now it was time to pray for her a man. After all, we prayed for the coat to show up and it did, so now maybe her man would too if we just asked (; haha He always makes us laugh but who knows... he just might be right!

Saturday Kevin had to work yet again so it was just Harper and me. We met Kevin for breakfast Saturday morning then went to visit a friend and see her new home. By lunch time Harper was wearing out her welcome, so we loaded up the car and said goodbye. I was tempted to head on to the house and put Harper down for a nap but decided to surprise the hubby for lunch instead... despite that we'd just had breakfast with him three hours before. He was pretty excited and Harper was too. We swung by the McDonald's drive thru nearby and had yet another picnic lunch in the car. After lunch we headed back to the house for Harper's nap and I tidied up the house. We ended our Saturday night with friends and family over at our house for pizza and a movie night. 

And as is the usual, our Sunday looked the same as it usually does. Harper and I joined Kevin at work for some breakfast. Good thing Harper loves our picnics in the car as this was the third one this weekend (; After which, we headed home got dressed and rolled out for church with my parents. Then after church we headed to my parents house for lunch, with Brittni in tow. We spent most of the afternoon there and then headed back home for Harper's nap. When Kevin got home we grabbed dinner and spent the night working on a few of the home projects we currently have going on. But I'll have more on that later (;

Hope your weekend was more exciting than ours but just as relaxing!

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