Soaking up the Snow Days!

North Carolina got hit with some snow, sleet, and ice earlier this week. Thankfully for us, the weathermen were right for a change and we got more of the snow and less of the other nasty stuff in our area. Since school was cancelled due to the road conditions, this girl has been taking full advantage of the last couple of days off and has been soaking up all that the snow days have had to offer.

Monday after leaving work at noon, I headed home where I arrived just in time to rock Harper to sleep for her nap. In the past she hasn't wanted to be rocked, but here lately she loves it and I soak it all up. As she slept most of the day, I caught up on episodes of The Bachelor and a few Hallmark movies I had dvr'ed (is that a word?). By the time she got up, Kevin was home so we spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch with blankets watching Cars. Harper's new favorite movie!

Unfortunately, Kevin's work doesn't close for anything so at 4:30 am he was up and at it Tuesday morning. Since this is the first real snow we've had since last year, I was disappointed that he was going to miss out on all the fun... especially since this is the first year Harper could truly enjoy it. But then at noon I got a surprising text saying to not take Harper out in the snow till he got home and then we'd grab lunch. Confused I text him back and didn't get a response.. then fifteen minutes later he walked in the door! Thankfully they hadn't needed him at work so he asked if he could go home. So the remainder of the day was spent enjoying our snow day as a family, along with my mother in law, brother-in-law, and his girlfriend. Hands down some of my favorite people ever!

Yesterday I decided to take Harper to daycare so she could get out of the house for a bit and enjoy some time with her friends. However, not thirty minutes after I had gotten home, I was missing my little sidekick like crazy. I seriously considered turning right around and picking her back up but since it would have been right smack dab in the middle of her lunch, I decided to busy myself cleaning the house up and catching up on laundry. But you best believe when 2 o'clock rolled around and I knew she was getting up from her nap, I rushed straight back to get my girl. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching more snow fall, eating cupcakes, & watching way to many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. & of course we ended the night with a spaghetti dinner and some UNC Vs Duke basketball with friends. 

It's been such a great few days and when I have to return to work it's going to be sad. But for now I'm going to continue enjoying my snow days at home with my girl! What do you ladies do on snow days? 

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  1. So jealous of your snow! It's been freezing here. But no snow. Bummer:( And Caleb has recently decided that Cars is his favorite movie too! He would watch it - or Mater's Tall Tales - 4 times a day if we let him. We've limited it to 30 min or so of either one each day and he just squeals and says "Vroom vroom" as soon as it comes on!!!


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