Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  Unlike a lot of Mondays, this Monday happens to bring a bit of joy with it. Why you ask? This just so happens to be my second to last Monday before I get yet another long break from work. Knowing that a break is just right around the corner made it much easier to crawl out of bed this morning and get the day started.

Of course, with it being Monday, I figured I'd share about our little weekend. As you know, last week was a bit of a difficult week for us in the Holt household. Our week was filled with quite a bit of sadness. I shared a little about it last Wednesday. I'd like to say that's all the bad news we had for one week but unfortunately it wasn't. We got some pretty big news Thursday that we just didn't see coming. Kevin found out that his work may be laying off 18 people for a portion of next year. We're praying he won't be one of those people as he currently has been with the company for 11 years and has quite a bit of seniority. But regardless of the outcome, we do know God will provide for us. We also know that it's only going to be temporary and he will in fact have a job come January 1, 2016 if not before. It just may mean this bargain shopping mama is going to have to step up her game for a few months (; With all of that said, after the week we had, we decided a weekend at home as a family was just what we needed.

Friday afternoon Kevin and I attended the funeral for our sweet friend's father. After the funeral, we ran a few errands, hunted for some new Christmas decor, and picked up some groceries. By the time we made it back home, unloaded the groceries, and changed clothes, we headed back out the door to meet my parents for dinner at a local restaurant. By the time we got home from dinner, Harper was fast asleep so we put her to bed and did what most rational couples do when the babies are in bed. We got on the xbox one and finished up a game of Monopoly we'd started earlier in the week. What were you thinking we were doing? haha

I'm not sure if it was the stress from the week or the rain outside, but Saturday morning we all slept far later than usual. The sound of my cell phone ringing at 9:30 woke us up and got us moving. We met my parents for breakfast at our usual Saturday morning spot. Then afterwards we headed to Kevin's parents' house to spend a little time with them. Sometime shortly after lunch we made our way back to our house so Harper could take a nap. While she napped, we straightened up and cleaned the house. The rest of the evening was spent playing with her before we had to get ready to head out for dinner. Our church held their annual barbeque and we headed there for some yummy deer, barbeque, baked beans, slaw, and homemade desserts. This girl can't turn down a good meal... especially when it's free (:

Sunday morning we were up much earlier than the previous day. Since I woke before Kevin and Harp, I decided to surprise them with breakfast... something I don't do too often. After devouring eggs, bacon, and toast, we all got ready and headed to church with my family as well as Kevin's. Following church, we headed to my parents' house for our usual Sunday lunch. Around 3 we headed back home so Harper could take her afternoon nap. While she napped Kevin and I got to work on decorating the house for the Christmas season. We managed to get the dining room and living room decorated in an hour span. By the time we finished and Harper got up, it was time to wind down for the evening. While I played with Harper, Kevin cooked us a pizza. We finished the night off with freshly baked Christmas cookies and a new Hallmark movie on the television. Another perfect ending ending in my book (:

Hope your weekends were just as swell friends! Check back tomorrow for a fun Christmas post! (:

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  1. Hallmark movies are the best! Praying that your husbands job will be ok. I know he works hard/long hours, so hopefully they'll keep him around!!!


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