Harper's Christmas List

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share Harper's Christmas list. From the looks of it, you can guess Harp's been a very good girl this year. We're planning on sharing this list with Santa very soon but just in case he reads my blog, here's a heads up to the big guy. And don't worry Santa.. Kevin and I have got you covered already on a few of the bigger items so you don't have to sweat it (; 

Harper's Wish List

Dodge Viper Battery-Powered Car- Harper absolutely loves her Cozy Coupe that she got for her birthday so when we saw this battery powered car at Target on clearance for just $50 we knew it was a must. It'll definitely save this mama's back as I spend countless hours a week pushing her little car up and down the driveway. I'm gonna love the fact that she can power this one on her own!

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones, Counting Cookies, Number Pops, & Shape Sorting Cupcakes- Harper is in need of some toy food for her kitchen this Christmas and after seeing these sweet treats I couldn't help but think they needed to be on her list. I love that these sweet treats serve as not just toys but learning opportunities as well. 

Kidkraft Retro Kitchen- This little kitchen was intended to be a Christmas present for Harper but Kevin and I lucked up and found one brand new for half the cost on Craigslist over the summer. We had it sitting in the garage where it was supposed to stay until Christmas but after Harper caught sight of it, she got it a little early. Oops... 

RCA Tablet- Harper loves to play with my phone but I have to be very careful or she'll end up deleting valuable information or ordering music off of Itunes. Yes, it's happened before. Since she's becoming more and more interested in technology I'm pretty sure she'll love having her own personal tablet. Our first thought was to get her an IPAD mini but considering she might break it since she's still a toddler, we decided to hold off and go for a cheaper option that still has all the same bells and whistles. 

Toy Sports Ball Set- Harper loves to play with balls. Clearly she wants to be an athlete like her mommy and daddy (; She's constantly got a tennis ball in her hand throwing it to either Rimy or her daddy so when we saw this cute inflatable ball set, we knew she'd love it!

Little Mommy Doll- Harper doesn't own a baby doll. I'm not sure how that quite happened. I'm pretty sure most little girls should have their own doll by the time they are one. Mommy fail? Knowing that we're hoping to add another little baby to our home in the next year or so, I'm pretty certain a baby doll will be a good addition to Harper's toy collection. Let's just hope she likes it!

Fisher Price Servin' Surprises High Chair Set- Harper absolutely loves her space saver high chair. She is constantly going in the kitchen and wanting to climb up into it. When I saw this high chair for a baby doll, I thought it would be perfect for her to have. I can already see her sitting in her little high chair with this little chair right next to her! 

Little Tikes T-ball Set- For those of you who know my husband, this t-ball set needs no explanation. For those of you who don't know Kevin, he's held a ball and bat in his hand since he was just barely a toddler. Considering he still playing softball, he has high hopes for our little girl that she'll follow in his footsteps so this was his first pick for her Christmas list!

Fur Real Friends Get Up and Go Walking Dog- If you read my blog often, you might remember this little guy. A few weeks ago we were visiting Target and they had some of their toys out of the box on display for kids to play with. My mom thought it would be cute to let Harper play with this little stuffed dog. It was cute until we had to hand it back to the sales lady. Needless to say, we knew this was Harper's first pick pretty quickly. This girl loves her "roo roos". (her version of dogs!)

Hetty Little Helper Cleaning Trolley and Mop- My child definitely got a bit of her mama's ocd ways. She loves to help me pick up and clean the house. I'm pretty sure that she'll love her own cleaning supplies considering how much she loves mine!

Teepee- If you've been following Harper's playroom series, you'll know that I have intentions of putting a teepee in her playroom. Since these are super expensive, I decided to help Santa out a little and make one myself (; Let's hope it turns out as good as I think it will! Otherwise Santa... I may need your last minute help!

Pottery Barn Mini Backpack- Now that Harper is a bit bigger, we don't need her diaper bag as much as we once did. After seeing this cutie, I thought it would make a nice replacement. It's large enough to hold a few diapers, some snacks, and a sippy cup which seems to be all that Harp needs these days. 

Well that's it Santa. Hope we didn't make it too hard on ya this year! What's on your little one's list this year?

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