Weekend Recap

This past weekend was nothing short of amazing. It was exactly what our little family of three needed!

I left work around 4 on Friday and met the Hubs at his parents house. He was off for the day and had taken Harper there to hang out with his mom and dad. They were both off as his dad had just had a heart defibrillator put in a few days before. I spent an hour there just soaking up my little one. She'd had a rough day. Earlier that morning Kev had taken her to the doctor for her six month check up. Needless to say, shots were involved so she was in a very cuddly mood. 

Around 5 I left Harper and the hubs at the in-laws as I headed home to get ready for a girl's night out. Brittni, one of my best friends, was celebrating her 26th birthday and I decided to go so this mama could indulge in some much needed girl time. It ended up being 8 of us in all and we all met up at Arigato, a local Japanese restaurant. Despite the fact that we were stuffed beyond relief, we headed to Maxie B's after. If you ever visit Greensboro you should definitely hit it up. It's a bakery that looks like it would come straight out of NY. It's such a cozy little place and they have the best desserts in the world!

Most of our Saturdays begin bright and early but this past Saturday was the exception. For some odd reason, Harper slept until 7. I know that seems early to most people but when you have a baby that likes to get up around 5:30-6 each morning, 7 is amazing! An extra hour really does make all the difference. I woke up feeling so refreshed!

At 9 we headed out to Edward Jones to meet with my neighbor who happens to be a financial advisor/investor. Kevin and I have decided that each year Harper will get one big item for Christmas. Since she's too young to really understand Christmas this year, we decided to take some money from one of our cd's and start a college fund for her. Our goal is to put $25 dollars a week into it.

When we finished all the paperwork for Harper's 529, we headed to Farmer's Table to meet my parents for breakfast. I just can't turn down pancakes and fried potatoes on a Saturday morning. haha While there Harper stole the show. She's discovered her voice over the last few weeks and loves to just bust out with a scream. Of course, everyone looks at her immediately and she just smiles her big toothless grin. Everyone just laughs. Thank goodness she's cute!

When breakfast was over, we headed back to the house where we spent the better part of the afternoon lounging around in sweats watching cheesy movies and taking short naps. Perfect Saturday if you ask me!

Saturday night was Kevin's company Christmas party. My parents volunteered to keep Harper while we went. It was nice to have an excuse to get all dressed up, eat scrumptious food, and dance the night away! It reminded me of our pre-Harper days. Though despite how much fun it was, I don't regret how life is now with our baby girl.

Sunday was pretty yucky. NC was hit with freezing rain. Fortunately, it wasn't cold enough to stick. But even so, we aired on the side of caution and skipped church. By lunchtime the temperatures had dropped to 30. But since so many people had been out on the roads, we knew the rain hadn't had time to freeze so we decided to ride out to my parents for lunch. Mom fixed grilled cheeses, homemade potato soup, and stew. It was just perfect for a nasty day!

After lunch we headed back home where we spent the afternoon lounging around in the living room watching movies on tv and playing with Harper. Around 6, Kev fixed lasagna for us and his parents. Since we had extra hands over, I spent the evening cleaning out Harper's closet while the in-laws entertained her. It made me sad to put away more of her clothes. I removed all of her warmer weather clothes since she won't be getting much use out of them anymore; despite the fact that she did actually wear a short sleeve dress this past week!  Unfortunately, most of the clothes packed away were size six months, the size she's currently wearing. Now I'm noticing she has about five outfits she can wear that are six months and the rest are nine months and up. Apparently I'll be going shopping after work today to pick up a few more cooler weather outfits in a her current size!

Overall it was a great, relaxing weekend! Hope you ladies enjoyed a relaxing one too!

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  1. Good for you preparing for the future already! My son is 10 and we have a savings account set up but don't put nearly enough into it. Girls nights are so fun! Glad you got to get out :)


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