Our Halloween.

Let me just begin by saying that I have been looking forward to Harper's first Halloween since the day I found out I was pregnant. It's just something about being able to dress up a baby in numerous holiday outfits. And lets face it, Halloween is the perfect holiday to do it.

In order to get Harper in the festive mood, we decked her out in Halloween apparel for most of the week. She was just too cute not to share these...

Kevin and I debated for a few weeks on what Harper was going to be for Halloween. Right after she was born I saw an adorable Raggedy Ann costume on Pinterest for an infant and fell in love with it. From then to the beginning of October I had planned on Harper being Raggedy Ann. I had found the baby wig on Etsy and I was hunting for the costume. Unfortunately October arrived and the costume was no where to be found so we had to resort to another option. The problem was by that point all of the costumes had been picked over. I searched through hundreds of pins on Pinterest as well as searched  multiple shops on Etsy. I came across two costumes I liked on Etsy, one of which was a peacock and another was a witch. However, each of the costumes were just simple lace rompers and tutus. With the questionable weather here in NC, I was afraid to purchase one of these in fear that they wouldn't be warm enough. So just two weeks before Halloween, I came across a Halloween shop on Ebay that had the most adorable elephant costume! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for Harper doodle. Afterall, elephants are my fave :P On top of that Kevin loved it and it was on sale for $20!

On Halloween Kevin and I decided to forego handing out candy to our neighborhood kids in order to take Harper to visit our families and show her off in her costume. Fortunately, his dad, my sister, & Kevin's aunt came by to see Harper before we made our rounds to different houses.

Our first stop was Memaw & Jimmy's (Kevin's grandparents). Kevin's mom met us there since his dad had already headed into work. Since Harper couldn't indulge in candy this year, they purchased her a Halloween book instead. Memaw read it to her and she was in fascinated by all of the Halloween themed characters with big googly eyes.

After a trip to Memaw & Jimmy's we headed to my parents' house where my parents, brother, sister and nephew were waiting for us. By the time we got there it was 8pm and Kevin and I were starving. We quickly snapped pictures of Harper with everyone (except my brother who wouldn't take a picture!) and then chowed down on some yummy Pizza Hut pizza. I was so glad my mom thought about us not having time to eat beforehand since we had so many places to go and she planned ahead. I have such a good mama!

All in all, it was a perfect Halloween night and I can't wait to see what Harper does next year when she can actually go trick or treating! It's going to be so much fun (:


  1. That elephant costume?! Talk about precious!!!

  2. Love the elephant costume!! So cute.

  3. She was a precious little elephant! I learned quick this year that kids costumes disappear fast. I was looking at them in August and a lot of the ones I was interested in for Caleb were already sold out. Crazy!!!


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