{Monthly Recap}: Six Months

You didn't gain any weight this month. You weighed in at 15 pounds and 2 ounces again. I know this is odd but I blame it on the fact that you've been sick for most of this month!

This month has been filled with quite a few doctor's visits. They started with the fact that you were running fevers each day. Your fevers started out as pretty low grade so we chalked it up to teething. However, when they finally reached 101 we knew we should take you to the doctor. It was a good thing that we did because you were diagnosed with bronchitis. I didn't know babies could have that at such a young age and it came as a shock to us too as we are always cautious to cover you up if it's windy or cold. So the doctor put you on an antibiotic and said you'd be good to go in ten days. Unfortunately, you weren't a fan of the medicine he gave you. You threw it up every.single.time it was given to you. So when you started running fevers again, we figured it was still bronchitis since you hadn't taken much of your medicine. But wouldn't you know, it wasn't. You had your first ear infection so we had to start you on a different round of antibiotics. Again, you were not a fan and we had to start putting it in your bottle to get you to drink it.

With you being sick for most of this month, your sleeping patterns have been very different. Some days you go to sleep around 6 and others you are still up at midnight. When you had your ear infection you absolutely refused to sleep in your bed so we had to start putting you in your rock-n-play again. We think it was because when you laid flat the fluid in your ears would begin to bother you. Now that your ear infection has disappeared you're back in your bed but you still aren't sleeping through the night. You wake up around 1 or 3 and refuse to go back to sleep. It's made for some very long nights for Mommy & Daddy.

Your weekly routine is the same with the exception of our evenings thanks to your antibiotics and you not feeling well. If you aren't already awake in the morning we get you up at 6am, change your diaper and clothes, then feed you a bottle. You either hang out in your rock-n-play or chill on Mommy & Daddy's bed while I get dressed. You're dropped off at daycare around 6:45 and hang out there until around 5. When we get home you drink another bottle, play a little, and then get a bath for bedtime. Then bedtime comes anywhere from 7-12 each night depending on how you feel!

Every now and then we'll put an outfit that's 3-6 months on you but for the most part, you're caught wearing 6 months. Six months shirts fit you great because of the length of your torso but the bottoms without a doubt swallow you whole. We usually have to roll the pants 2-3 times to get them to fit you. What can I say baby girl? You're going to have a tiny butt and short legs (; haha

You're on your last pack of size one diapers baby girl. Earlier this month we went out and bought you some more size one's since you weren't quite ready for two's yet but I think we're going to make the switch as soon as you run out this month. Size one's still fit you well but over the last few days your diapers have been leaking so we're thinking if we go on and move you up, it'll fix that problem.

Each morning you get a four ounce bottle and then you have six ounce bottles the rest of the day. You're eating a bottle anywhere from 3-4 hours. In the evening, we give you baby food. For a while I was worried that you weren't going to like any vegetable other than sweet potatoes but we discovered that you love carrots and squash too. So apparently, if it's orange, you'll eat it. haha I have to admit, I've been somewhat afraid that you'd turn orange since all of the baby food you eat is orange but so far so good!

You have been once fussy baby this month but I know that it's because you've been sick. At night when you were sick you would wake up screaming your head off like someone was hurting you. It would scare me to death. Once I'd pick you up you'd still cry but not as loud. During the day, your cry would be different. It was just a whimper but was accompanied by crocodile tears that broke my heart. Thankfully now that you're feeling better we're starting to see more smiles and less tears!

- You said "hey"! Your dad and I both couldn't believe it. We thought it was a fluke until we started hearing you say it more often.
- You were diagnosed with your ear infection right after your dad had surgery. Because I had taken off work to be with your dad, I couldn't take work off to stay home with you. So both of your grandpas looked after you at our house while daddy told them what to do. Needless to say, Mommy worried all day about you. I felt like I'd left you with 2 and a half men. But you survived just fine!
- You celebrated your first Halloween!
- You sat up on your own for the first time! I was holding you and all at once you were just sitting up playing in my lap... no back support or anything!

-  Exersaucer: You are loving your exersaucer even more this month! You've finally figured out how to play with the toys and turn yourself around in it. We can put you in it and you're perfectly content to hang out in it for an hour!
- Sweet Tea: Mommy and Daddy have been sneaking you sweet tea whenever we go out for dinner and you love it! You smack your lips after every taste.
- Rimy: This month you've began to really take note of Rimy. No matter what he does, you smile. If he's barking at someone walking down the road, you think it's hilarious. If he is running around like crazy, you think thats hysterical. You love being able to rub him or lay next to him. And the funny thing is, he doesn't seem to mind. You'll grab his tail or yank him by his collar and he's just as patient as can be. I think you guys are going to be very good friends!

- Medicine: You are not a fan of antibiotics! You gag or throw them up every time you have to take them!

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  1. Size 1 at 6 months?! Wow. I must have a chunky thing on my hands, we are in size 3 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes already! Makes me sad, but I was so anxious to get out all the new 6-9 month stuff. Savanna has an ear infection also. :( and her sleeping habits have been exactly like you described. I'm not used to it because she's been sleeping through the night since we brought her home from the hospital!


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