Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday girls! I don't know about you ladies but this week is kicking off in full gear. However, I couldn't be happier because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As of Friday at noon, this girl will be enjoying 2 weeks at home with her precious family! Can you say, "excited"?!

Nothing too exciting happened Friday. I left work around 4, ran some errands, and picked up little Harper doodle. I had intentions of spending a few hours playing with her before we headed out to dinner but she had other plans. As soon as we got home she passed out and slept for a few hours :( Sad mama here. However, it did give me time to cuddle on the couch with  her while I watched a cheesy Christmas romance I dvred from the Hallmark channel (see how I turned that into a verb). I have to admit, it was nice to have a little mommy time. 

When the movie was finished and Kevin got home, we headed out to Sanitary Cafe to indulge in some pancakes for dinner. We picked up Brittni on the way and met my parents there. As always, the food didn't disappoint nor did the company. 

Kevin and I had all sorts of things planned for us to do on Saturday but unfortunately they were all postponed when Kevin got called into work. It was disappointing but on the bright side, it allowed him some extra overtime which means a little extra holiday cash for us. I don't know about you mamas, but this time of year, money always gets tight in our house. Factor in a new baby and you could say we're broke! haha 

As has become our Saturday morning routine, Harper and I headed out to Farmer's Table to meet my parents for breakfast. When breakfast was over Harper and I headed back to the house to spend the day in since it was so cold and rainy. We played to Harper's little heart's desire for most of the morning and early afternoon. Around 1 she fell asleep and I spent the next three hours of her naptime catching up on Jennifer Probst latest novel that I had had for nearly three months and hadn't once cracked open.  

When Kevin arrived home a little after 6, we loaded up my Lexus and headed to High Point to spend what was left of the weekend with my cousin Clint and my best friend Alyson (his fiance). Clint is a college basketball coach at High Point University and he and Aly have been begging us to bring Harper to a game. Since we didn't have any other plans for the evening, it was the perfect night to go. We arrived at the game a little late but that was ok because Clint left us his parking pass and we had preferential seating... meaning we sat with the players' and coaches' families. Needless to say, we had amazing seats! 

Since the game ended late and we headed to Chilli's for dinner after, we decided to crash at Aly & Clint's Saturday night. Apparently we should do it more often because Harper slept until 8:30 in the morning! Apparently a memory foam mattress can do wonders for even a baby! 

Our intention was to go to church with Clint & Aly but around 10:30 my dad called saying my brother had been rushed to the hospital and they weren't sure why. Immediately I threw our stuff back in bags, made our bed, and loaded up the car while Aly changed and dressed Harper for us. By 10:45 we were on the road and I'd already arranged for Harper to go to the in-laws for the day so we could head to the hospital.

By 1:00 Kevin and I were walking through the emergency room doors at a nearby hospital. I wasn't at all prepared for what I saw when I got to his room. He looked so pitiful and was white as a ghost. My mom informed us that Andrew was having excruciating pain in his side. The doctors had ran a cat scan to determine if his appendix was rupturing or not. Come to find out he had a kidney stone. All I can say is I don't want one after seeing my brother nearly in tears. He definitely has the highest pain tolerance of anyone I know. He once dropped our jet ski trailer, with the jet ski on it, on his bare foot and barely shed a tear. The fact that a kidney stone could cause him to scream and sob clearly shows me it must be worst than child birth as they say! haha 

While my brother was given an IV of fluids, we headed to lunch with my parents since they hadn't ate. When we returned to the hospital they were ready to discharge him. Mom and Dad took him to their house while Kevin and I went and picked up Andrew's car from his church. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent worrying about him while trying to finish up laundry and straighten up the house. By 8pm I was exhausted and ready to call it a night! But not before checking in on him...

As of this morning, he's doing better but still in pain. Prayers that he passes this stone soon!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh, glad to hear your brother is okay!!! And so with you on being broke for Christmas - no matter how well we try to budget, money always ends up being tight around this time of year!

  2. Your poor brother! I'm so sorry. I hope he feels better soon. And I LOVE the HALLMARK channel! Seriously. I am victim of watching one of those cheesy movies almost every night. haha so with you!

  3. Your poor brother! Hope it passes soon!

    I love the Hallmark Channel! We don't have it with our cable, but you better believe I'll be catching up on the movies when we go home to my parents next week :)

  4. What a fun weekend and cute family!

  5. Maybe we need a memory foam mattress just for when we travel because Mia does NOT sleep when we go out of town, ha! But it sounds like such a FUN weekend! But I hope your brother is doing better now? Praying!!


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